Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

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callaway big bertha b21 driver review

Callaway Big Bertha, Clubtest 2021

Courtesy of Callaway

ClubTest 2021 included 22 driver reviews and tests to help you select the right driver. You can read more about the process of testing here. The Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver results are below. Callaway Big Bertha B21 contains the full test list. I love the feel, launches high and it’s extra forgiving. “This was my favourite by far.” Each market selection is independently chosen and curated each month by our editorial team. Links may result in GOLF.COM earning a fee. The pricing may vary.

OUR TAKE: This is the drive you want in the bag if you continue to fight a slice. However, don’t lose sight of the beautiful aesthetics. A tester stated that “the sapphire and red with a touch of red do it for me.” Others were left wondering whether they could carry the club home. “I love the feeling. Could I get a triple-love? It launches high and is more forgiving. One person stated that this was her favorite. They are more attractive and forgiving. It’s a pairing made in driver heaven. THE DETAILS. Callaway changed the driver’s recipe to achieve the ideal balance between spin and speed. He moved the CG forward and low to decrease spin. In other words, reducing the overall spin can also decrease side spin that leads to bad shots. This spin-killer doesn’t compromise on consistency or forgiveness. This package is one that any high-handicap slicers will appreciate once they start finding more fairways. Callaway utilized its Flash Face SS21 technology to help with mishits. This was made possible by Artificial Intelligence. Our gear testers have written 150+ reviews. See the details. Callaway modified the classic driver recipe. Callaway moved the CG to the forward side to allow for more spin. This is to reduce the side spin that can cause wayward shots not to be played. This spin-killer doesn’t compromise on consistency or forgiveness. High-handicap slicers will appreciate this package.

Click here. Better yet, you can get fit to drive with True Spec Golf. View the Callaway Big Bertha B21 in all its angles…

Courtesy Callaway

Courtesy Callaway

Courtesy Callaway

callaway big bertha b21 driver review

Everything You Should Know About Big Bertha B21 Callaway Driver

Callaway’s first high speed driver. Callaway’s B21 driver features a ultra-low forward center of gravity. This increases the driver’s distance and ball speed. Callaway says this low-spin, forward-CG driver will be more forgiving than high spin, fast drivers. However, Callaway is confident that it will deliver distance with accuracy and good forgiveness at the average swing speed.

What tech do you use?

The B21 driver is just like Callaway’s Mavrik driver. It has Jailbreak bars to maximize ball speed and swing speed. There’s also a stronger and lighter titanium Flash Face, plus a Triaxial carbon crown to help rinse every last drop of performance from the driver.

Callaway says the B21’s new head has a larger front-to-back area, making it easier to use. This creates a more triangular shape that increases forgiveness. To counter distance-zapping, each head is equipped with an internal draw bias.

Callaway suits have created a brand new shaft for B21 metalwoods. The shaft’s lightweight design and active tip section means it naturally adds loft to impact. To maximize carry, shots are flowed higher. Golf Pride’s Tour 360 Soft is also available as a special grip.

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callaway big bertha b21 driver review

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Review – Eliminate Your Big Miss

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product reviews 6 Comments I will be taking a look at Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver in this review.

Big Bertha B21 has just been added to their driver lineup. The B21 incorporates Callaway’s latest technology like Jailbreak, Flash Face and T2C Carbon Crown. A low forward CG allows for high launch, low spin and great distance.

A Big Bertha B21 internal draw bias is also available to help you avoid the Big Miss, or a Slice, in your game.

So, how does the Big Bertha B21 shape up in practice? Do you think it is better than the MAVIK MAX Are you sure it’s worth having in your bag?

I’m going over the following in this review:

Features, Technologies and Performance See, Sound & Feel where to buy this driver online Conclusion

Learn more to help you make informed purchases

callaway big bertha b21 driver review

Big Bertha B21 Vs Callaway Mavrik Driver Review & Specs 2021

Big Bertha B21 and Callaway Mavrik Driver Reviews Are you searching for a barking canine? It has never been harder to find a new driver as the market is just jam-packed with choices and technology that promises to give you yardages like you have never imagined. I will help you make the right choice by comparing these drivers.

Big Bertha B21 will be a revolutionary driver in 2021. Players who wish to play better with a bigger, friendlier face and a higher loft are best suited for this driver. AI was used to design the Mavrik. This AI allows for maximum distance and accuracy. Mavrik Drivers can be found in the hands of both PGA Tour Pros and Mid Handicappers.

Callway has some of most prestigious golf clubs available. They have used artificial intelligence in their club development and it’s been great. While the Mavrik has proven to be a tremendous success, how does Big Bertha B21 perform? Read on to find out.

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Putting the Big Bertha name on a club puts the pressure on it to deliver. This club is a classic Callaway design. The club is elegant, simple and reasonably priced.

This club is ideal for slice-problematic golfers. It was not something I enjoyed, however it might be great for people who are struggling with this particular shape. Jailbreak technology gives the face that Callaway-style driver feel.

Mavrik Driver Callaway

The driver is a huge success and the spin rate of even the highest spinning model has been very good. This club’s shape and design instills confidence when it comes to address.

.Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

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