Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review

callaway mavrik max driver review

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MAX head is the biggest of all three MAVRIK drivers heads. It is technically the same legal limit as standard MAVRIK, 460cc. However, its design makes it seem larger.

At the address it is straight with a crown that stretches down to the turf. It gives you confidence. While it is heavy, it is still very manageable. While the standard MAVRIK represents a significant departure from the Epic Flash in terms of shape, the look of the Max is actually very similar to Callaway’s previous generation of drivers .

Orange details: People seem to love or loathe it. Although I like it, Matt highlighted the fact that you can customize it according to your needs in his MAVRIK Sub zero review.

callaway mavrik max driver review

Fitters’ Take

We will soon add Fitters’ Take to selected reviews. Club Champion Master Fitters will be sharing their opinions based on what they have seen during fittings.

With regard to the Callaway MAVRIK MAX driver, one of our fitters told us “Max is going to be a killer line-up this year.” Multiple fitters – and their clients – have commented on the improved sound compared to the Epic Flash. One fitter said that it looked the best Callaway head for years.

Finally, one fitter gave very strong, in-depth praise of Callaway’s Flash Face SS20 Technology. The unique faces of each model’s lofts are designed to assist different types and kinds of misses, he stated. Because of this, he stated, “We can literally fit any golfer who walks through the door into a MAVRIK driver.”

callaway mavrik max driver review

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review – Customized Experience

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product Review 14 Comments I will be reviewing the Callaway MAVIK MAX driver.

This model has many of the same characteristics as the Standard MAVRIK but with the added benefit of interchangeable weights. These can either increase the MOI, or cause a draw bias.

Is the MAVRIK MAX able to hold its own on the course, or is it too slow? Do higher handicappers choose the MAVRIK MAX over other MAVRIK variations?

I’m going over the following in this review:

Features & Technologies Performance Look, Sound & Feel Where To Buy This Driver Online Conclusion

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You can read on for all the information you need to make informed purchasing decisions.

callaway mavrik max driver review

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review, Photos And Video: Clubtest 2020

For ClubTest 2020, we tested and reviewed 28 new drivers to help you find the right one for your game. Below are the results for the Callaway Mavrik Max driver.

Here is the complete driver list and all test results.

Callaway Mavrik Max Price: $499 / BUY NOW Lofts: 9 , 10.5 , 12 Our take: What happens when you invest in a powerful supercomputer capable of spitting out 15,000-plus face designs in a matter of a few days? Mavrik Max becomes a reality. The most popular player during GOLF’s player testing was Max. He is characterized as a draw-biased driver and features an AI-designed Flash Face SS20 architecture. Made from an exotic FS2S-titanium, it’s six grams lighter that traditional materials. This red-hot face pairs well with the aerodynamic crown of Jailbreak Technology and an aerodynamic crown. These technologies improve both ball speed as well the efficiency of the clubhead. With weight ports located in the heel or back of the sole it is possible to maximize the slice-busting technology and get more forgiveness depending on the position you place the 14-gram weight. Mavrik Max has established himself as an authority in the driver category by placing near the top in several performance categories within year one. This club achieved a speed of 1.2 miles per hour that was faster than any other driver tested. It also scored near the top in accuracy. It is the type of combination that will appeal to many handicaps especially those who are fighting for their slice.

ClubTester’s 16-hdcp: My slice disappeared suddenly, as did my horrible toe. This almost feels like cheating.”

Robot’s perspective: For high-swing speed players, ball speed is important. For slower swingers, you can expect greater carry and draw bias.


callaway mavrik max driver review

Callaway Epic Max Vs Mavrik Max Driver Review & Comparison

Callaway is known for offering the “max” version of almost all of its drivers. In most cases, max means you get a little bit more of everything; more forgiveness, more launch height and more features.

You will find this with both the Mavrik Max LS or the Epic Max LS. These products are designed for people who have high handicaps and want to be more consistent and forgiven.

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You may wonder what makes these Max drivers different if you’re considering one of them.

It can be hard to choose between the two because they feature many of the same technology. This comparison will make it easier for you to decide.

Mavrik Max VS Epic Max Ls Overview. The goal of the Mavrik Max LS as well as the Epic Max LS is more ball speed and forgiving. These are the two main points we can attest.

Even on low-face shots, both the Epic Max LS as well the Mavrik Max produced accurate ball flight.

This is due in part to the Flash Face design which, is essentially a slight curvature of the face. This also helps keep spin low off the tee.

callaway mavrik max driver review


NEW FEATURES. Callaway had over 15,000 face designs tested in the design of last year’s Epic Flash. Callaway decided to make this year’s Mavrik line more efficient. Three new drivers were introduced by the company: the Mavrik, MavrikSub Zero, and the Mavrik max. They used their Flash Face SS20 architecture. It features a stronger but lighter FS2S Titanium for a slimmer face without compromising ball speed. An internal rib system reduces vibrations and enhances the feeling of “feel” when impact occurs.

DESCRIPTION FEATURES. Callaway improved the aerodynamics and shape of this year’s Epic Flash driver models. Two internal bars are placed between the sole of the crown and the crown to produce higher ball speeds. Jailbreak technology continues with Mavrik. A feather-lite, triaxial carbon crown has been added. This raises both moment of inertia or MOI and increases general forgiveness.

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Given the incredible technology of today, you can take any of the three models that “feels” best for you then customize it with grips, shafts and weights. To balance forgiveness with drawing ability, the Max model (my favorite) is the most flexible. The sole can be interchangeable with weights. Because I am unable to draw, all my weight is on forgiveness.

COST AND VALE: The Mavrik three-piece is $500. It improves everything about the Epic Flash. Great. It’s worth 500 dollars. If you played Pebble Beach every day, at $500 a pop, you’d spend $182,500 in one year. You can only spend $500 on one Mavrik driver and it will last you for 365 rounds. You can consider it a bargain.

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It’s difficult to believe that you need to purchase this Epic Flash driver if you purchased one last year. Callaway’s driver technologies have come a long way in the two past years. This makes me confident that next year’s model will surpass them.

But if your current Callaway driver is not in use, or you haven’t tried it out yet, head to the nearest golf shop, and get one of these models. Take a look at the results. After more than 400 drives, I am able to say that I have never felt a driver so comfortable. I now have the right shaft, driver head and grip and am ready to smash bombs just as Phil Mickelson. But I will be right-handed.

Eric Hart received equipment from the manufacturer for his review.

What Makes the Mavrik Max a Good Driver?

On the Callaway website, the driver’s average rating is 4.8/5 (100% recommended), 4.9/5 for Global Golf and 4.8/5 for CGPO. Professional reviewers as well as critics praise the MAX for being a fantastic driver that offers a lot forgiveness and allows golfers to launch easily. February 4, 2020

Which Is Better Mavrik Or Mavrik Max?

Mavrik’s standard Mavrik is most popular of the three drivers. … The Mavrik Max, a 460cc club, is precisely created to provide the golfers maximum of Distance, Forgiveness, and Launch. October 23, 2020

Is Callaway Mavrik Max Forgiving?

MavrikMax products are the end result. … This is Mavrik Max, a driver that GOLF players most frequently requested. An AI-designed Flash Face SS20 architecture made of exotic FS2S-titanium, which weighs six more than traditional materials, highlights the extremely forgiving and draw-biased Max.

Which Mavrik Driver Does Best?

Selected as a “Best Driver” for swing speeds of 94 mph and below. Callaway MAVRIK MAX is an excellent head for middle-range players that need help with draw flight. This driver is great for golfers who have lower to mid swing speeds and need additional launch. “More items…*Jun 18, 2020

.Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review

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