Cobra Speedzone Driver Review

Cobra Speedzone Driver Review

cobra speedzone driver review


The SpeedZone club head offers two color design options in a preset 9 or 10.5 degree loft:

The black color with yellow accents was reviewed. A glossy, polished finish

Dark with White Color Accents. Matte Finish

The 10.5 preset loft clubs were tested. The club offers 8 launch options with the MyFly hosel adjuster: 10.5 standard; 10.5 draw; 11.5 standard; 11.5 standard and 11.5 draw. There are also 12.0 standard (9.5 standard), 9.0 standard, 9.5 Standard, 9.5 Standard, and 9.5 Draw. I tried many settings but the one that worked best was the standard 10.5 setting. This is a great feature that allows you to adjust your setting quickly and easily on the course.

SpeedZone, like other Cobra King drivers has two adjustable weights. This allows the player to choose their launch angle. There is a preset club with a weight of 14g for the front setting and a weight of 2g back. However, they are easily interchangeable. While I did notice an improvement in the launch angle after moving the 14gweight to the back setting of the club, I preferred the preset weighting due to its lower launch angle. Additional weights could have been offered by the club. The 2019 Cobra King Speedback drivers’ weights don’t fit into the mouldings for the SpeedZone 2020 driver. So any additional weights need to be purchase from Cobra King’s website at $25 each From a technical standpoint, their are numerous design features that are meant to provide additional club head speed through the ball. The most notable (and my favorite) feature is the milled infinity club face that wraps around the entire face of the club. This is meant to increase the milled area of the face by 95% and provide a larger sweet spot zone. If nothing else, it provides added protection to the club for the miss-hits that are too far under or above the ball.

The club also offers a variety of stock shaft options from Extra Stiff to Lite made by four manufacturers. The club offers many shaft options, allowing golfers to select the best flex and weight.

Arnold Palmer was a great example of golf’s simplicity. In golf, the most important thing is 6 inches between the ears. Cobra King SpeedZone has confidence in its weight, design, and feel. The club’s overall look is fantastic. Also, I find the King Cobra logo in the sweet spot above my face gives me extra confidence every time I walk up to the ball or set the club back behind the tee.

cobra speedzone driver review

Cobra Golf King Speedzone Pilot – First Impressions Review

One of my favorite drivers was the COBRA Golf King Speedzone. I look forward to playing in 2020 with it. The first time I saw one was in October at a Kitchener industry fair. Based on the exterior of the driver, I was excited to see what it might look like. Would it live up to my expectations?

It was a question I would have asked at the 2020 PGA Show Orlando. This is my COBRA Golf SPEEDZONE driver review based upon the initial impressions it provided me at Demo Day, Orange County National Golf Resort.

Two models of Set-Up COBRA KING SPEEDZONE XTREME (SZ), drivers are available for golfers who want to upgrade their drivers. COBRA Golf is offering both a “standard” KING SPEEDZONE and a KING SPEEDZONE XTREME. Both the driver and the chassis are identical, but they do have some key differences. Let’s look at what they have in common before we get into the details.

COBRA Golf claimed that the new range of KING-SPEEDZONE drivers is their most powerful, longest-lasting line yet. These drivers take inspiration from motorsports and look great sitting still. The “dual exhaust” located at the back of their trailing edge can be seen to show some of that inspiration. CNC-milled, the KING Z drivers have a face similar to what we first saw with 2018’s KINGF8. This face is unique because it features an infinity symbol, which can be translated as “no bounds” or “endless”.

Infinity Face’ is one of several technologies found in the KING SZ. Infinity Face is a technology that allows you to see the entire face. The face experiences an increased sweet zone, and greater ball speed over the whole surface of its face.

The T-Bar Chassis was first introduced in this year. T-Bar Chassis refers to a portion of the interior that extends from the leading edge down to the trailing end. This cross-member COBRA Golf R&D was able to make a stronger frame that improved feel and durability for the KING SZ driver.

Do you like the look of carbon fiber? These drivers might just be what you are looking for, KINGSZ. The KING ZZ is equipped with a 360 Carbon Wrap. 360 Carbon Wrap covers 50% of the body. The use of all of the carbon fiber allowed COBRA Golf to move a staggering 25-grams of discretionary weight to use elsewhere. This design feat of luxury is unheard of in golf clubs. Engineers created a driver of unmatched forgiveness and flexibility by moving the weight from the KING SZ drivers to the other parts.

Are The Cobra Speedzone Good for Driving?

Cobra appears to have achieved its goal of having a CNC-milled face. This gives the driver of the KING SPEEDSONE a remarkable balance between power and consistency. The driver’s attractive appearance and adjustability make it a great choice for me. March 18, 2020

Is The Cobra Speedzone Driver Forgiving?

You also feel extremely forgiving. The driver can sense the extra mass in the back of your clubhead. Even if you aren’t hitting the ball in the middle of your face, the driver is so steady. This driver of the Cobra Speedzone is sure to become a fan favorite.

Who uses the Cobra Speedzone driver?

Rickie Foller and DeChambeau currently use the Cobra King Speedzone. Both have chosen the standard head. It features a 460cc, pear-shaped profile, and more adjustable options. There are two weight ports on the sole, that adjust launch and spin properties depending upon where the 14-gram red and 2 grams…April 10, 2020

Are Speedzone Xtreme and The Cobra Speedzone Better?

Speedzone is the superior player, with a better profile and high performance, while Speedzone Xtreme offers the best option for drivers who require a stable, more forgiving driver.

.Cobra Speedzone Driver Review

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