Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Driver Review

Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Driver Review

cobra speedzone xtreme driver review


For as long as my memory can recall, I played an 10.5 degree driver. However, I found the initial results of using the 9 degree driver to be mediocre. The MyFly MyFly hosel adjustment tool was simple to use and made it very easy for me to adjust the loft. My swing fit better. Although I’ve never used a Mitsubishi Tensei CK AV Blue shaft before, it has become a favorite of mine. Cobra really offers premium options to golfers by offering 3 different stock options for the King Speedzone XTREME driver.

Jay Marino at Club Champion was my master club fitter and reviewed all of my launch monitor data. Two performance factors stood out to me – forgiveness and power. Digging deeper, these factors go hand in hand in terms of efficiency and consistency. Even when hitting off-center, the Smash factor was consistent and high.

Cobra breaks down their performance attributes into 6 zones [power, strength, light, low cg, aero and stability] with various analogies to race cars, but it really boils down to construction. Titanium for a strong chassis, 360 Carbon Wrap for weight savings, and weight positioning for a low center of gravity. The driver of KING SPEDZONE Extreme is an efficient workhorse thanks to its aerodynamics optimization and infinity face.

cobra speedzone xtreme driver review

Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme Driver Review And Photos: Clubtest 2020

For ClubTest 2020, we tested and reviewed 28 new drivers to help you find the right one for your game. Here are the results of the Cobra King SpeedZone Extreme driver.

Prices: 449 / BUY NOW Lofts 9 – 10.5 & 12

ClubTester’s 13-hdcp take: It looks like a hammer. I can swing this bad boy and not have to worry about it getting away from me.”

Robot’s Take: Robot takes the same approach as standard model but forgives toe shots.


cobra speedzone xtreme driver review

Infinity Face Cnc-Milled

Even though the aerodynamic shape allows for greater swing speed as well as ball speed, you will still need a stable surface. A Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme Driver Review shows that the clubface is CNC-milled. This gives it an extremely wide sweet spot.

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Infinity Face will help to prevent you from getting too much heel/toe on the ball. Although the head is oversized, the Infinity titanium face transforms it into an effective hitting surface.

Drivers add distance to low handicappers’ already long drives. The clubhead is equipped with better technology, which gives it a wider sweet spot and more control over spin. The 460cc head and aerodynamic design help to give you the best swing speed. And the clubface does a great job of controlling mishits so that you push the ball and draw it far off of the fairway.

cobra speedzone xtreme driver review

Why Should I Buy A Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Driver?

King Speedzone Xtreme gives you a detailed look at its insides.

Those who want a driver that gives them more ball spin and roll on the fairway can reposition the mass and obtain the desired effect. You can adjust the mass to reduce ball spin, create a more forgiving clubface or go for maximum distance with maximized COR value.

Although the Speedzone offers the lowest loft, a 9-degree loft would be ideal for lower-handicappers. The ball can fly further off the tee if it is thrown at a more flat, low trajectory. A flatter trajectory helps you deal with windy conditions. The ball won’t hang in the winds and travel where it is not wanted to. To achieve the ideal draw and fade bias, you can set your loft to 12.5°.

The best thing about the Cobra Speedzone Xtreme? Its price. This driver is significantly cheaper than similar-quality drivers from other manufacturers. With a cool, stylish driver, you get straighter driving with it.

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cobra speedzone xtreme driver review

Cobra Golf King Speedzone driver – “First Impressions Review”.

The COBRA Golf KING SPEEDZONE was one of the many drivers that I looked forward to swinging in 2020. One of the drivers I initially saw was at a Kitchener, Ontario trade show. I remember salivating at the prospect of seeing what this driver might bring, just based on its cosmetics. I was skeptical if it would live up to my expectations.

That is a question that would I have answered at Orlando’s 2020 PGA Show. Based on my first impressions of the COBRA Golf King SpeedzONE driver at Demo Day at Orange County National Golf Resort & Lodge, here is my evaluation.

The Set-Up COBRA Golf KING SPEEDZONE (SZ) drivers come in two different models that will appeal to golfers looking for new drivers in 2020. COBRA Golf is offering both a “standard” KING SPEEDZONE and a KING SPEEDZONE XTREME. Although they share the same chassis, the drivers will have their own unique configurations. We’ll first examine their differences.

COBRA Golf says that the new range of KING-SPEEDZONE drivers is their longest, strongest and most powerful to date. These drivers take inspiration from motorsports and look great sitting still. You can see some of this inspiration just by looking at their “dual exhaust” inside of the rear of the trailing edge. CNC-milled, the KING Z drivers have a face similar to what we saw with the KING F8 in 2018. Just one twist. The infinity symbol on this face means “no limits”? “endless”.

Infinity Face’ is one of several technologies found in the KING SZ. Infinity Face can be used. Infinity Face gives the user an enhanced sweet spot and increased ball speed throughout the entire face.

The “T-Bar Chassis” was introduced this year. T-Bar Chassis is a part of the interior section that runs all the way from the leading to the tailing edges. COBRA Golf R&D managed to adapt this cross-member COBRA Golf Chassis and improve the feel and durability the KING SZ drivers.

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You like carbon fiber’s look? The KING SZ driver is the perfect choice for you. The KING SZ features a “360 Carbon Wrap”. 360 Carbon Wrap covers half of the body. COBRA Golf has been able to shift 25-grams of its discretionary weight using carbon fiber. This is the ultimate luxury of golf club design. This allowed engineers to design a driver with infinite forgiveness by moving the weight of the KING SZ Drivers to other parts.

Does The Cobra Speedzone Xtreme driver have the ability to forgive?

High MOI Design creates the speed zones. Strategically placed weight is around the perimeter to create a driver head that’s extremely forgiving when it misses the center. My Golf Spy voted the Xtreme to be the most patient driver in the year. After a few rounds, I felt completely at ease.

Which is better, Speedzone Xtreme or The Cobra Speedzone?

Speedzone offers the best player, with a higher aesthetic profile and high performance, while Speedzone Xtreme provides the more stable and more forgiving option.

What Is The Difference Between The Speedzone And Speedzone Xtreme Driver?

Speedzone Xtreme gives you a 12-degree loft. Speedzone Xtreme provides a 12 degree lift to both models. While the Speedzone’s weight ports are located in the front, back and side for tweaking launch, the Xtreme only has a port at the rear. Jan 31, 2020

Are Cobra Speedzone Drivers Good?

Cobra is pursuing a CNC-machined face. It seems that it has found the “face without limits” for its driver. The combination of five performance zones gives the KING SWEETZONE driver an amazing balance of power, consistency, and speed. This driver is destined to be in my bag because of its attractive looks and adaptability. Mar 18, 2020

.Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Driver Review

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