Top 10 Best Shoyu Sauce

Top 10 Best Shoyu Sauce

Top 10 Best Shoyu Sauce to Buy in 2020 (Sakura, Daimaru and more)

The soy sauce is a traditional Japanese soy sauce, used to season and flavor to various dishes. Made mainly from soybeans, soy sauce is a color dark, which in Brazil has some particularities. So, we need to pay attention to the label to choose the best soy sauce!

shoyu brands like Sakura, Daimaru and Hinomoto are the most popular in Brazil, and Kikkoman soy sauce is one of the most traditional shoyus and more like the Japanese. In this article, learn how to choose and know the top 10 soy sauces that will deliver more flavor to your recipes!

Top 10 Best Shoyu Sauce To Buy In 2020 (Sakura, Daimaru And More)

The soy sauce is a traditional Japanese sauce made with water, soy, wheat and salt. He is known as soy sauce, which is the main ingredient. Traditionally, the sauce is produced by fermentation of soybean and wheat in brine for months using the koji fungus Aspergillus compound.

Many domestic manufacturers use corn instead of wheat, which differentiates the taste of the Japanese original recipe. This adaptation is made here because most of the wheat is imported. In addition, sugar is used and even alcohol to enhance the flavor of the sauce shoyu made in Brazil.

Rich in flavor and salt, shoyu sauce is used as a seasoning in many dishes. You can use soy sauce in hot or cold, to season rice, pasta and especially the meats. The most common uses are shoyu with sushi and sashimi, and oriental dishes, as yakissoba!

How to Choose the Best Shoyu Sauce

The choices of sauce shoyu in Brazil are more restricted than in Asian countries, which have a wide range of types and even flavors. Here, you should note the ingredients if the sauce contains gluten, which additives are used and also consider the light soy sauce, less sodium!

Prefer a Shoyu Sauce with less ingredients

Top 10 Best Shoyu Sauce To Buy In 2020 (Sakura, Daimaru And More)

The original formulation of the soy sauce is very simple, however, some manufacturers add ingredients to adjust the flavor and the acidity of the sauce. This standardizes the taste of soy sauce, an advantage in industrial sauces. So, no matter how many glasses of soy you consume Sakura, everyone will have the same taste.

However, for those seeking to get closer to the taste of oriental soy sauce, the simplest formulations are the best. In this case, the fewer ingredients better, so always check the label of soy sauce! The traditional soy sauce Kikkoman is one of the closest to this taste in Brazil.

Another factor that should be noted in the amount of ingredients is the order they appear on the label. The first is the aforementioned ingredient which is present in greater quantity and so on. Therefore, the label of a high quality soy ingredient first mentioned after water is soy!

Select Shoyu Made with corn up For Intolerant to Gluten

Top 10 Best Shoyu Sauce To Buy In 2020 (Sakura, Daimaru And More)

Nowadays many people wish to avoid consumption of foods with gluten, and wheat is one of the foods that contain gluten. The soy sauce made with corn have no gluten, ideal for intolerant! But, if you have a serious illness, always keep an eye on the label to check that there was no cross-contamination.

Corn is used in Brazil for being a cereal fermentation easy and cheaper than wheat. Pay attention to the order of ingredients on the label, because in a soybean quality shoyu is listed before the corn. This means that the sauce has more soybeans than corn, it should be!

Prioritize Shoyu without dyes, preservatives and other additives

Top 10 Best Shoyu Sauce To Buy In 2020 (Sakura, Daimaru And More)

The additives are used to extend the validity of soy give color and enhance flavor. However, many people are concerned about the consumption of additives like caramel coloring, preservatives and monosodium glutamate, as some research indicates that they are harmful to health.

In Brazil, it is common that we find a very black soy sauce and thick is best. But the soy sauce is darker by adding dye, and thicker by adding sugar. You may even find that is more beautiful and tasty, it is preferred, but traditionally the sauce is more translucent and thin.

As there shoyus without these additives, prioritize buying a brand that does not use such components in the formulation. The shoyu without additives is more natural and healthy, but it is also generally more expensive. Still, there are options with cost-effective, such as shoyu Daimaru!

Consider Shoyu Light with Less Sodium for Health Care

Who is concerned with the intake of salt, sodium chloride should pick a light soy sauce, which is characterized by the formulation with less sodium. In general, light soy sauce is made in the traditional way and sodium is removed at the final stage of the manufacturing process.

There are also no sodium soy sauces made with potassium chloride, and replacing the salt provides flavor similar. Another advantage of the light soy sauce is to contain fewer calories than a tradional soy sauce. So consider buying a light shoyu or fully sodium-free!

Choose containers of 500 ml or more for Cooking

Soy sauce packaging of choice is also important. Especially if you make food for many people, as yakissoba, shoyu sauce can not miss while you are cooking. In this case, it is better to buy a soy sauce 500 ml or 1 liter, an amount that will last for a long time.

But if you want to use only soy sauce to flavor food or Japanese small plates, consider buying smaller containers of 250 ml or less. Restaurants, cafeterias and deliverys can count on the sachets, as many manufacturers offer soy sauce for single use!

Top 10 Best Sauce Shoyu

At that point you already know better analyze a shoyu mark and can take a very right decision. So know what are the 10 best shoyu to buy online and choose your own!

Top 10 Best Shoyu Sauce To Buy In 2020 (Sakura, Daimaru And More)

Comparison Leaderboard Shoyu Sauce

Shoyu e s Pescia l 500 ml

Shoyu T Rajishiona l 150 ml

Shoyu Less Salt 250 ml

Shoyu Zerosojio 250 ml

Shoyu T Rajishiona l 500 ml

Traditional Shoyu 1 L

Shoyu T Rajishiona l 200 ml

Keep in Your Kitchen Other sauces such as pepper and Ketchups

If you like to add more flavor to food should have a range of sauces and seasoning options. The pepper sauces and ketchups are indispensable in every kitchen, then check out our selections with the best options for each.

Now that you know the importance of reading the label shoyu is always attentive. In this article, we explain what is done shoyu sauce and explain why the best soy sauce is one that is done with the least amount of ingredients without preservatives, dyes or other additives.

The light soy sauce is a great option for those looking to reduce sodium intake. In addition, soy sauce made with corn instead of wheat is quite common in Brazil and does not contain gluten. Now that you know how to choose the best shoyu, share this article with anyone you like!