2024 Ultimate Costco Eyewear Return Policies: Glasses, Contacts & Warranties

Discover the most updated 2024 Costco Optical Return Policy! Find out how you can return glasses and contact lenses with ease and learn about Costco's eyeglass warranty & exchange guarantees. Get peace of mind with Costco's commitment to customer satisfaction. Read on to ensure a smooth return experience!

Costco Glasses Return Policy 2022 (Contacts, Lenses + More)

Costco Wholesale, the nation’s biggest warehouse retailer is best-known for its generous pricing for members. In addition, Costco offers health-related services from its internal pharmacies and opticians.

  • You may have questions about the Costco return policy if you purchased contacts, glasses, lenses or frames from Costco opticians. You don’t need any more information!
  • Costco Glasses Return Policy In 2022

  • Costco does not offer returns or exchanges for prescription glasses or sunglasses to customers in 2022

    . Costco will replace your glasses if you have a wrong prescription.

    In addition, contact lenses can be returned to Costco up to 5 years after purchase if they are unused


  • You can find out more about Costco’s optical services and return procedures. If you want to join Costco, read on!
  • <i>Costco Glasses Return Policy 2022 (Contacts, Lenses + More)</i>

    What if I want to return prescription glasses to Costco?

    Costco Optical will not accept returns and exchanges for prescription glasses, sunglasses, or other personal items purchased at their optical shop


    The exception to this is if Costco has made an error with your prescription. If this happens and you find it difficult to adapt to the glasses, the glasses can be returned for a solution.

    Costco must adjust your glasses’ lenses by using your prescription. This appointment will be made at Costco’s opticians.

    Can my Costco Glasses be returned if I am not happy with them?

    Costco guarantees a 100 percent satisfaction on non-prescription glasses like those for reading or blocking the sun. Therefore they are returnable anytime if the product is unsatisfactory.

    Unfortunately, customers cannot return prescription glasses or opened contact lenses, even if you are unhappy with them.

    Therefore, it is essential to be sure of your decision before placing a purchase.

    Costco allows you to return glasses within 60-90 business days depending on where they are located.

    For any questions, contact the customer service department or ask at the time of purchase.

    Costco allows contact lenses to be returned as long as the condition is in excellent shape for at most 5 years.

    Costco contact lenses must not be opened, used, or damaged.

    Costco opticians will also allow you to request two pairs of test lenses. This is a great way to make sure you’re satisfied with your lens brand before placing an order.

    You can start a return by bringing your contact lenses and your Costco membership card to the optic department


    Alternativly, you can start the return process if you ordered your contact lens online.

    It doesn’t matter if you do not have your receipt, because your Costco purchase will be saved on its website.

    <i>Costco Glasses Return Policy 2022 (Contacts, Lenses + More)</i>

    Costco Offers a Warranty on Glasses

    Costco cannot offer a warranty on its lenses and frames.

    Costco does not offer any coverage for damage or scratches to frames or lenses.

    Costco membership is required in order to purchase contacts or glasses.

    Costco memberships cost $60 and can be cancelled or refunded anytime after the purchase.

    Do I Need A Costco Membership For An Eye Exam?

    Costco does not require you to be a member to receive an eye examination at their opticians. These exams are typically competitively priced and in keeping with Costco’s philosophy.

    To locate the nearest Costco store, you can use our online store locator.

    For more information, visit Costco’s website. You can also find out if Costco has VSP or EyeMed. And if Costco is accepting GoodRx.

  • Conclusion

  • Prescription glasses and sunglasses cannot be returned to Costco


    Costco can accept returns on contacts lenses bought from their optical department for up to 5 year after purchase

    . For non-prescription glasses you can always return them if they don’t suit your needs.

    Is it possible to return contact lenses to Costco?

    Return your order if you’re not satisfied. The general returns desk at Costco is open 24/7.

    Are Costco Prescription Glasses Returnable?

    Costco Optical’s eyeglasses returns policy states that they will not accept exchanges or returns of prescription sunglasses or glasses

    . These items are considered personalized. There is one exception: if Costco provided the wrong prescription.

    Are Contact Lenses Returnable?

    There are so many ways to take care of your contacts. However, the most common question is: “Can I refund my contacts?”. Every retail store has its own return policy. Most require that defective or unused lenses are returned within 30 business days.

    Does Costco Optical Have A Satisfaction Guarantee?

    Costco Optical’s return policy There’s no standard satisfaction guarantee, but you can get lenses replaced if there’s an issue with your prescription

    . Depending on which Costco Optical store you’re at, it takes 60 to 90 days for eyeglass lenses to be replaced.


    Costco Glasses Return Policy 2022 (Contacts, Lenses + More)

    Type of item Return/Exchange
    Prescription glasses/sunglasses No returns/exchanges
    Contact lenses Returns up to 5 years after purchase
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