Pick Up Your Cookware – Move Away From Restaurants

Best way to eat meat, go get your own. Plenty of game animals to eat. Venison is better for you then beef. Fish, lots of lakes, streams and ponds during the warm months. Raising chickens or other animals. To me there is nothing better than getting your own food yourself.

Food Industry Is Evil

The food industry is killing millions of people. Chronic diseases are the result of GMO, glucose, saturated fats, processed food… We’re not eating real food, but editable products that will eventually bring us so many diseases. Vote with your dollar, resist fast food and processed food and instead choose organic food, fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds.You never actually know what’s in your food. Pick up the best cookware set you can and start learning to make your own meal!

Food trends like organic, grass-fed, antibiotic-free, etc. use these labels to drive up the prices of our food choices. I think it is important to note that fast food is cheap, but isn’t the healthiest option. If you’re interested in purchasing healthy, affordable food, visit the grocery store and look for products that do not have the marketing labels mentioned above. Organic foods are not healthier or safer, grass-fed beef was not treated better than animals fed grain, and all meat and dairy products are antibiotic-free due to withdrawal periods that farmers are required to abide by. There are many options in the grocery store that are affordable, nutritious, and safe.

Safer Way To Cook Food?

The thing is, not everyone is doing it. Here in the northeast, the state is giving out as many doe tags because there are too many deer and people are hitting them with cars and the deer tick population is through the roof. There are nearly a million deer here in this state, and I think maybe 200,000 are taken if that, and the deer herd increases in numbers every year. Small game hunting, I can count on one hand the number of people I know who hunt small game, very few know how or bother to hunt squirrels, rabbits, grouse etc.

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New GMOs have yet to be researched. Some genetic modifications are light, light breeding for a stronger plant/animal. They create super weeds and super bugs, which can’t be thwarted by regular means so they keep using more pesticides, more antibiotics, more hormones. Some genetic modifications mix animal and plant DNA. Gross.

All factory farms, GMO crops and a lot of ‘free range’ cattle are not sustainable and extremely bad for the environment. We are in the midst of a health crisis in this country. We are beginning an environmental crisis. Things have to change.

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