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Kids Can Love To Read

That’s what started me 50 years ago in 2nd grade – the school librarian gave me Betsy’s Busy Summer by Carolyn Haywood – haven’t stopped reading since! Now my 8 year old granddaughter is a bookworm – we go book shopping together! A reader is never lonely! Bless school librarians

That is so true. A children’s librarian I know that sometimes it take hits and misses when recommending books. But the magic begins when it works: the right book at the right time for the right child!!! Such joy when the child comes back and asks for more!!! That’s why we do what we do!! For the children.

A son has ASD and hated reading until our local librarian showed him How to Train Your Dragon. That was the start, Harry Potter soon followed and now it’s Lemony Snicket. He’s now 10 and loves visiting our library to see what they’ve got.

It is a skill. I too have worked in a public library. Get to really know your customer and their interests. From there, I could usually find anyone, any age a book and hit the right spot. If they don’t know what books they like, expand the chat to films/tv, not necessarily presenting a book based on it, but you can form a good idea of what type of books they’d like from there. It honestly works a treat.

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