Ping G410 Driver Review

Ping G410 Driver Review

ping g410 driver review

Last Year, The Ping G400 Took The Golf Industry By Storm As One Of The Most Popular Drivers On The Market. Ping have released the G410 Plus driver, which combines all of the forgiveness and adjustability you’d expect from Ping.

Bubba Watson is already enjoying the G410 Plus driver. His accuracy from the tee shot has improved dramatically since placing it in his bag. It was certainly a driver who got us talking when the G410 Plus driver came to GolfMagic Headquarters. After hearing so much about it, we were eager to hear more.

G410 Plus is the first driver to feature a removable 16g tungsten weight at the back. It is possible to adjust the weight so that you can change your shot shape up to 10 yards. This is what PING drivers are most known for, and the brand doesn’t want it to change. So the weight has been placed in the very back of the clubhead to keep the MOI really high, so you’re still getting all the forgiveness you expect when buying a drievr from PING. GolfMagic’s Jack Seddon plays the PING G410+ at Farleigh Golf Club.

Review: PING G410 Plus Driver

ping g410 driver review

G107. 20 Reasons It’S The Most Scientifically Advanced Driver In The World

20 Reasons it is the most scientifically advanced driver in the world. It seems like you are in search of a new golf driver sometime in your life.

It can be a bit overwhelming when trying to decide between all the different models out there.

Today, I want to share some insight into what manufacturers do to help their clubs be as successful and profitable as possible.

All you need to learn about drivers is here:

What does “forgiving” mean to a club?

What should be the ideal weight for maximum performance?

Is it the contact between a ball and a club’s face that causes a golfball to lose its energy?

ping g410 driver review

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Video Transcription:

So today, we are going to review the Ping G410 Plus driver. This is not your average review. The review will not be about whether it is comfortable, how does it look, or my personal thoughts.

In fact, we will get deep into the science behind the club head. And then talk about all the tech that went into making this one of the most advanced drivers on the marketplace.

You won’t find a better driver than him. It’s going to be about all the science and engineering that go into this, which makes it the case.

So, let’s die right into it. What I did is I interviewed some of the engineers from Ping, and full disclosure, I’m Brand Ambassador for Ping, so I am biased. These clubs really appeal to me.

ping g410 driver review

Ping G410 Plus Driver Review, Photos And More: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 saw us test and review 28 drivers in order to help you choose the best one. Below you will find the Ping G410 Plus driver results.

Price: $500 / BUY NOW Lofts: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Our take: Three weight locations along the perimeter draw, neutral and fade allow 20 yards of draw and fade. Built from multimaterials, the 455cc construction includes a forged T9S+-face that has been heat treated for increased face deflection. A creased crown design stiffens structure to enhance efficiency of the head.

ClubTester’s view (16-hdcp).

Robot’s take: Performed well for mid-speed players in terms of carry and accuracy. We also forgave heels.


ping g410 driver review

Ping G410 Lst Driver Review, Photos And More: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 was the first time we reviewed and tested 28 new drivers. These are the Ping G410 LST drivers results.

Price: $500 / Bought Now Lofts. [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] You can adjust the spin rate by moving the forward center or gravity, depending on your player.

ClubTester’s (2-hdcp), take: “Filthy low spin and launch.” This from someone who has never used PING!

Robot’s view: At the top for ball speed in high-speed games.

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ping g410 driver review

Bottom Line

It’s a must-try simply because Ping promises quality and performance, while focusing on engineering and forgiveness. After fitting, I found that my shaft recommended by Ping was significantly shorter than my prior driver. This meant it took me several swings of the club to become comfortable with the distance I stood from the ball. After I got my distance down, you could feel the true power and forgiveness of this club.

This club is located in the center clubface. You will feel the “tramponline” effect. You can actually feel the ball coming off of the club. Most impressive to me was not how well the balls were struck, but the “mishits” which made this club so appealing. Even though my balls were not well hit, I still managed to get plenty of carry and dispersion.

My sidespin was lower when I first started using the golf launch monitor. You can expect a more severe miss if you put more spin on your side. This club means that you can miss the shot while still getting in the fairway. More importantly, the misses can keep you out of the woods and the penalty areas. Not saying this will eliminate those issues from your game, but I did notice an improvement in my driving accuracy in the weeks that followed my purchase.

Ping G410 Plus male driver has the greatest benefit. It eliminates the need to play from the right side. In the past, my misses were to both the right and left side of the course, and I could literally hit it anywhere from the tee box. Together with my driver, we lowered the weight to Fade, where I’m confident that the ball will be in the middle of the fairway or with a draw. Although it took some time, you will find that being in control of your driver is incredibly powerful and can help lower your score. Even though it might seem counterintuitive, I found that this system worked very well in my game.

It appears to perform well in comparison with the rest of the field. Ideally, the weight of the slider seems to improve shot bias without affecting forgiveness.

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The driver launched in 2019 but is still an excellent driver for the Ping Golf line-up. Enjoy this review? Please keep checking back to our website for more information on the latest gadgets, products, and training aids.

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ping g410 driver review

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The new feature allows you to increase draw and fade bias. But, we are curious… Can this particular “big stick” live up its Ping predecessors? Or could it surpass them?

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Is it worth the price of The Ping G410Driver?

VERDICT. The PING G410 Plus driver was one of the five that received a GolfMagic gold star in our top 10 drivers list for 2019. You don’t need to look beyond the turbulators if you want a driver who is both dependable and can hit the ball far. The G410 Plus will be the right driver for you.

Is The Ping G410 Driver Good For Beginners?

The Ping G410 SFT is a brilliant all-round driver that delivers excellent distance and plenty of help for beginners and high-handicappers. The G410 SFT is louder than many drivers nowadays. Whether that suits your taste or not, will depend on personal preferences. November 1, 2021

Which Ping Driver Is Best?

Best golf driver overall: Ping G400 Max.Jan 20, 2021

What’s the difference between Ping G410 and G410 drivers?

May 20, 2019,

.Ping G410 Driver Review

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