Pxg 0811X Driver Review

Pxg 0811X Driver Review

pxg 0811x driver review

Review by PxgDriver: Are the New Pxg 0811X and Better Than its Predecessors.

Blake Doll from Breaking Eighty wrote this PXG Driver Review.

Parsons eXtreme Golf (PXG), one of the hottest golf brands, has risen rapidly to become one top-selling club manufactures in golf.

Bob Parsons, the owner and founder of PXG, is a straight shooting Texan businessman. Although I may not always get the reference, their clubs are “the duck’s nuts”.

Their irons are some of, if not the very best in the game. Many members have fallen in love with the Eighty Club and were able to stay fit.

However, it was important to me to understand how PXGs groundbreaking technology can be applied to long-game drivers.

I haven’t spoken with nearly as many people that have been playing their second-generation driver, the PXG0811X.

Thank goodness for you that I played with it.

pxg 0811x driver review

Review of the Pxg 0811X Generation 2 Driver

PXG, which has been disrupting the golf market with their unique technology and distinctive marketing strategy, have made a huge impact on the game. You will find all information about the driver in the review of PXG 0811x Generation 2.

PXG’s Irons made a huge difference, providing forgiveness, feeling, and power other irons couldn’t match. Their first two lines of woods however, have not been great. Not great. PXG prices demand extraordinary performance. While the original 0811 driver had spin, the PXG0811x driver has a narrow sweet spot that allows you to extract the best from the driver. Although hybrids and Fairway woods were better performers than their predecessors, the Arizona-based company’s 0811X Gen 2 woods could be an amazing success story. The woods’ impressive performance is not the only reason it stands out, however. Its RRP of PS550 puts the club back into the mix. It’s still the most costly mainstream driver but it is now only fractionally more than TaylorMade and Callaway drivers, making it an attractive contender.

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pxg 0811x driver review

What makes the Pxg0811X Gen2 stand out from all other options?

This review focuses on the PXG0811x Gen 2 driver and what it offers that sets it apart from other models. Every head has a Variable Face Technology which can increase the ball speed on missed hits. Lightweight material allows for fine tuning of sound and feel without adding much weight. There are two drivers in the line. O811x, a low-spin design, is the O811xF. The 0811XF has extra forgiveness. Plus there are matching fairway woods and hybrids. We reviewed the PXG0811x Gen 2 and found that it had a more defined face. It is also slightly less squatter in front than back. The X features a weight-forward design for low spin and ball speed. There are 9 interchangeable weights so shot shape and trajectory can really be influenced, with weight ports in the front and back of the head, plus towards the heel to add some draw bias.

The XF extends the head forward to back. The XF features weight further back and boasts the highest overall MOI on the market, right at the 5900 R&A limit, and over 10,000 MOI when you include the sole to crown MOI. Ping G400 Max offers similar forgiveness, with a higher centre of gravity. The Ping G400 Max is extremely forgiving and has a low spin. Who would not want this? Although hybrids use the same technology as fairways, they have a steel structure rather than using titanium. Although the fairway head may be a little small, it is very easy to hit. PXG is now on a third consecutive hybrid. We believe that it is a fantastic combination of head size, shape, adjustability, and ease-of-use.

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pxg 0811x driver review

The Verdict

Two times now I have reviewed the PXG0811x Gen 2 in detail and can say that it’s a wonderful driver. I love the sound and feel of this driver. It is quieter and more powerful than the PXG drivers, although it sounds a lot livelier. Furthermore, miss-hits feel comfortable and keep the ball moving at a high speed. This crown design, while unique and beautiful, does not make it look ugly. It also allows for better alignment down the fairway. While I personally don’t love the X alignment of golf, others will enjoy it. PXG may offer the choice of not using an alignment aid. It’s something I would like to see. Adjustable hosel can lower the flight and the weights have a serious impact on spin rate. Because I had trouble missing the ball left, I did not test the heel setting. It was not the driver I chose to work with but it had ball speeds comparable with top-rated drivers for the year and spins rates that were reasonable. This driver is not the one I ended up with, however I was quite close to choosing it as my second choice. PXG stands out despite their low prices. The leather headcover adds a finishing touch. If you choose the right driver for your needs, price won’t be an issue. That hurdle has now been removed from the equation.

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pxg 0811x driver review

Pxg 0811X Golf Driver Review (2021)

PXG0811X’s golf driver can hit more accurate, longer and straighter shots than any other. But it also is one of the most expensive drivers so you’re going to have to pay for this performance improvement.

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One of the first things many golf drivers who tried it are able to see is that they produce lower scores and have low spin. With this driver’s consistently boring low ball flight, you won’t worry about dropping shots far to the left or right.

But, the driver can be adjusted to suit your needs by manipulating the weights and the hosel.

Let’s take a look at today’s PXG0811X golf driver review. We’ll share our thoughts on the technology and design with you before we make a purchase decision.

Can Pxg Drivers Be Trustworthy?

The 0211 driver has an abundance of that both on center and off thanks to the titanium face, Hybrid Crown Construction, and high MOI. It is an extremely stable driver. The ball speeds were consistent when I held the ball close to my face. You can also see this stability in the way that the 0211 runs. January 25, 2021

How do the Pxg 0811X and 0811Xf differ?

The 0811X has a lower launch angle and spin, which makes the head stable. Jan 2, 2019

Is it worth the effort to get Pxg 0811 drivers?

Like the design, sound quality and experience of the PXG0811 drivers are excellent but not exceptional. Sound at impact has a moderate pitch “pop”, with medium volume. Better than average feedback regarding impact location. Although I won’t deny that 0811 can feel amazing when you are truly pure.

What Pxg driver is the most forgiving?

May 7, 2021

.Pxg 0811X Driver Review

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