Which is the best volleyball ball? Top Indoor and Outdoor Volleyballs 2021

Top 10 Best Volleyball Balls In 2020 (Court And Beach Volleyball)

Which is the best volleyball ball? Top Indoor and Outdoor Volleyballs 2021

Giba, Giovane, Sheila, Jacqueline; the women’s volleyball teams and volleyball Brazilian men have many idols! Of course the sport has become super popular in the country. But, you know, to have fun with friends or play official matches, use proper volleyball is fundamental?

The volley ball court and beach have essential differences that improve the game. Features such as design and weight can facilitate their performance and ensure exciting plays. Read everything in our article and enjoy the ranking of the top 10 volleyballs with Mikasa, Penalty, Wilson and more!

How to Choose the Best Volleyball Ball

To ensure incredible plays with the guys, you need to hit squarely in the choice of the ball! Start by setting the mode of sports: volleyball court or beach? Then choose a ball with the weight appropriate for the age of the players. Learn more about these and other features, come on!

Choose agreement ball with the mode: Court Volleyball and Beach Volleyball

Although they are similar, the volley balls set for each modality have fundamental differences in the time of departure. The circumference of the inflation pressure and the material are the main ones. Understand what you should consider to improve your performance, either on the court or on the beach.


First, note the circumference of indoor volleyball ball, which must be between 65 and 67 cm. Another relevant factor is the pressure which is though not always possible to check the indicated is it is between 0.3 and 0.325 kg / cm².

The material is also important to ensure sets with quick movements, cut and locks, as well as a high durability to the ball. Typically, block balls are coated with synthetic material such as microfiber or soft leather which provide strength and stability.

Its strips can be either bonded as stitched, but generally, the models are sewn softer. Rest assured, because all of these features are already considered at the time of manufacture of the ball, you just need to confirm whether the product is suitable for indoor sport.

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Top 10 Best Volleyball Balls In 2020 (Court And Beach Volleyball)

Already beach volleyball ball is slightly larger, with circumference between 66 and 68 cm, and its pressure must be 0.175 and 0.225 kg / cm² to suffer less variants in the air. Moreover, it is essential that your material is resistant to moisture, to ensure that the match continue even on rainy days.

For this, the ball must be covered with waterproof material such as PVC and polyurethane, they prevent the penetration of water, present in the sand itself and sweat of athletes. These materials are also suitable because they make it more resistant to ball friction and clashes with sand.

The women’s volleyball and men’s volleyball balls have the same characteristics. Therefore, when buying just make sure to choose a tough choice to moisture and specific for beach volleyball. Check the details in the product descriptions.

Buy Volleyball Balls Lightest to Play with Children

Top 10 Best Volleyball Balls In 2020 (Court And Beach Volleyball)

Weight is the main variant to facilitate the practice of volleyball, according to the age of the players. For children, the volleyball should have soft touch and be lighter so you do not hurt your arms in time to the famous headline. Prefer the models manufactured especially for children.

In addition to lighter, these balls are usually made of foam or polyurethane. Just look for the indication of the term infant, Bantam, or children who may be in the ball itself. Ideally, for junior players up to 10 years it is a volley ball weighing between 200 and 220 g.

From the age of 11, children can already play with balls weighing between 230 and 250 g. Children over 14 and adults will prefer the models developed for professionals. These balls are harder and heavier, have 260-280 g which is the weight set for official games.

Colored balls Volleyball Facilitate View

Did you know that ball design is also super important to the quality of the match? The color scheme should facilitate viewing of the ball during the set, so that even with the speed of the team, athletes can see the picture easily by the court.

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In indoor matches, it is indicated that the balls are clear, with a combination of colors that should be contrasting with each other and with the tones of the court. In beach volleyball, the ball must have a variation of the most vibrant and strong colors, so you can easily see it even under intense sunlight.

To Play Professionally, Use balls with Certification Official

Those who want to take seriously the volleyball practice, must get used to the style of an official ball. The best way is already training with the models used in these competitions. To find out if the product is professional, look for the certification seal of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).

The balls that have this seal have gone through several quality tests and offer all the appropriate characteristics for the athlete high performance: weight, pressure, material and design. Practice with an official ball will give you the confidence to block the opponents!

Brands such as Mikasa, penalty and Wilson have several official volleyball models, but not only them. Check out the best in our top 5 indoor volleyball balls and top 5 beach volleyball balls. Just keep reading and choose yours!

Top 5 Best Quadra Volleyball Balls

With recognized brands options, check following our ranking with the top 5 balls to practice volleyball court. There are models with official certification seal, for athletes, as well as options suitable for children. Enjoy and make your choice!

Top 10 Best Volleyball Balls In 2020 (Court And Beach Volleyball)
Top 10 Best Volleyball Balls In 2020 (Court And Beach Volleyball)

Comparison Chart of Top court Volleyball Balls

Top 5 Best Beach Volleyball Balls

If you want to practice volleyball in the sand, find out what are the best beach volleyball balls on the market. Our ranking has quality parts, with the essential features for high performance in the sandy soil. Check and elect your favorite!

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Comparison table of the Best Beach Volleyball Balls

Beach Volleyball ball VLS 300

Beach Volley Ball Pro IX

Soft Play Beach Volley Ball

Beach Volley Ball Soft Fun VIII

Beach Volley Ball Pro Marcelo Negrao

Now you know everything you should consider before purchasing your volleyball, right? The most important is to hit mode because not worth using the same ball to play on the beach and on the court! Remember that the material, weight and design are also super important when choosing the product.

If you have any friends athlete, or who loves sports, share our article, so you form a skilled and most prepared team! Any questions, go back to the text and remember our tips and ranking of products, which are the best options in the market. Good match!




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