Can You Turn Home Depot Store Credit Into Cash

Can You Turn Home Depot Store Credit Into Cash In 2022?

Penney OpCo, LLC
Formerly J. C. Penney Company, Inc.
Type Private company


: JCP (1927–2020)

OTC Pink

: JCPNQ (May 2020-January , 2021)

OTC Pink

: CPPRQ (as Old COPPER Company, Inc, January 2021 – February 2021)
Industry Retail
Founded April 14, 1902

; 119 years ago




Kemmerer, Wyoming

, U.S. (J. C. Penney Company)

October 29, 2020

; 16 months ago





(Penney IP, LLC)
James Cash Penney

William Henry McManus (J. C. Penney Company, Inc.)
Headquarters Texas


Plano, Texas





Number of locations
629 (February 2021)


Area served
United States
Key people
Ronald Tysoe


Marc Rosen


Bill Wafford


Shawn Gensch


  • Clothing
  • cosmetics
  • electronics
  • footwear
  • furniture
  • housewares
  • jewelry
  • toys
  • appliances
Revenue Decrease


11.167 billion



million (2019)


million (2019)

Total assets

US$5.900 billion (2021)

Total equity

US$829 million (2019)
Simon Property Group


Brookfield Asset Management
Number of employees

(Aug. 2021)






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Home Depot offers a lenient returns policy to its customers, allowing them to make returns without any proof of purchase and offering Store Credit in exchange.

  • You may wonder if Home Depot Store Credit can be converted into cash if you have received it for a Home Depot return. What can you do with Store Credit from Home Depot? Here’s what I know!
  • Can You Turn Home Depot Store Credit Into Cash In 2022?

    Is it possible to convert Home Depot store credit into cash in 2022

    Home Depot cannot convert Store Credit in cash. This is effective as of 2022. Home Depot grants Store Credit for the replacement of a returned item. Customers are restricted to using the Store Credit in-store only.

  • Continue reading to find out more about how you can check the balance of your Store Credit and why it isn’t cashable at Home Depot.
  • How can I exchange my Home Depot credit for cash?

    Home Depot will issue a Store credit card to be used for returning items. The store credit cannot be exchanged or transferred.

    It is linked to the photo ID of the customer, which is verified when credit is used in-store.

    Home Depot typically issues Store Credit for any return not receiving payment in the original form.

    You can return an item bought with Store Credit if you do not have valid proof of purchase.

    This is because Store Credit can’t be used to transfer cash, as it was issued for the exchange of an item that has been returned.

    This credit can only be used for the repayment of the original forms.

    Store Credit at Home Depot recently was linked with customer’s picture ID to guard against online selling.

    Store Credit cannot be exchanged for cash.

    Can You Turn Home Depot Store Credit Into Cash In 2022?

    My Home Depot Store Credit can I be used online?

    Home Depot Store Credit is not available online.

    This policy was implemented by Home Depot to protect customers from buying fraudulent Store Credit online.

    Are my Store Credits Acceptable at Any Home Depot Store

    Home Depot Store Credits can be used at any Home Depot Store provided your photo ID is attached to it.

    For fraud prevention purposes, you will need a government-issued ID photo.

    Can You Turn Home Depot Store Credit Into Cash In 2022?

    What is the best way to check my Home Depot Store Credit balance?

    To check your Home Depot Store Credit’s balance, you must visit the shop and ask a cashier to verify the amount.

    Remember that Home Depot Store Credit cards cannot be viewed online.

    Customers used to be able to call Home Depot by phone and check the remaining balance on their Store Credit. However, this is not an option anymore.

    Can I Use Home Depot Store Credit To Buy Gift Cards?

    Customers cannot use Home Depot Store Credit to buy Home Depot gift cards.

    You can instead buy gift cards at Home Depot by using cash, MasterCard Visa Discover or Visa.

    Not only that, but Home Depot Consumer Credit Card can’t be used to purchase Home Depot Gift Card.

    Home Depot Gift cards are sold through third parties, so Home Depot is not in control of how they can be bought.

    Store Credit cannot possibly be used to buy Home Depot gift cards.

    Can You Turn Home Depot Store Credit Into Cash In 2022?

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