Subway Cheese Types

Subway Cheese Types In 2022 (Types, Best Ones + More)

Formerly Pete’s Super Submarines

Fast food
Founded August 28, 1965

; 56 years ago





Bridgeport, Connecticut

, U.S.


Number of locations
37,540 (Jun. 2021)


Area served
Worldwide (100+ countries)
Key people

John Chidsey





Revenue Decrease


16.1 billion (2019)


US$10.2 billion (U.S.)


DeLuca family
Number of employees
5,000 (2021)


(>410,000 if including franchises)


citation needed


Subway’s sandwiches and soups are made fresh every day by skilled sandwich chefs using only the best ingredients. Subway’s main ingredient is the cheese. Subway provides a range of cheese options for customers.

  • Subway fans may want to know what Subway cheese types they have, how good Subway cheeses taste, and so on. Let me tell you what I found out about Subway cheese.
  • Subway Cheese Types for 2022
  • Subway currently offers two types of cheese: American Cheddar (as of 2022) and Monterey Cheddar (as of 2022). Subway restaurants offer additional cheese varieties such as cheddar, mozzarella, provolone and pepper-jack. Subway locations offer a variety of cheese options, including sandwich and salad items. Extra cheese can also be purchased for an extra fee.

  • You can find more information regarding Subway cheese types including the healthiest Subway mozzarella, the most loved Subway cheddar, and why Subways do not have any cheddar cheese.
  • Subway Cheese Types In 2022 (Types, Best Ones + More)

    What cheese types does Subway have?

    Subway sells a variety cheeses that can be paired with sandwiches or salads.

  • Subway described their cheese as being “melty and cool, soft or hard.” It adds something special to cheese.
  • Subway has many independent franchises that offer different types of cheese.

    Subway shops sell American and Monterey Cheddar cheeses.

    Other Subway restaurants may offer more diverse choices, including Feta, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Provolone, Pepper Jack, and Swiss.

    At Subway, employees usually offer cheese as part of a sandwich or salad deal, with the option to add more cheese for a small fee.

    Subway, what are your favorite cheeses?

    Mashed asserts that Provolone is among the top cheeses. It pairs well with Subway’s range of ham options.

    However, Ranker described Feta cheese, Cheddar and Shredded Mozzarella among the most delicious Subway options.

    Subway Cheese Types In 2022 (Types, Best Ones + More)

    Subway’s most popular cheese

    Subway has a wide selection of cheeses, and the two most requested are American Cheddar (and Monterey Cheddar).

    What is the Shredded cheese at Subway Called

    Subway’s shredded cheese is Monterey Cheddar. It can be found at nearly all Subway restaurants.

    Subway Cheese Types In 2022 (Types, Best Ones + More)

    Subway does not have cheddar cheese

    Cheddar cheese has often ranked as the lowest selling cheese across Subway stores, which is why some franchises have chosen to eliminate the product from stores.

    Subway Cheese still includes Cheddar cheese. The shredded cheese mix contains Cheddar and is readily available.

    Subway Cheese:

    Subway allows you to add cheese to virtually any meal.

    Subway Sandwiches are a popular choice for cheese, with popular options like Tuna and Meatball Marinara.

    Subway also offers a sub sandwich option, the wrap. This includes choices like Steak and Cheese or Cali Fresh Turkey and All-American Club. You can personalize your Subway with any cheese you choose.

    Subway offers melts, which can also be customized with melted Cheese.

    Subway has a range of melts available, such as the Ham and Cheese Melt and Buffalo Chicken Melt.

    Subway salads can also be topped with cheese, and are a healthier choice than the usual high-calorie options.

    So you can choose from Oven Roasted Turkey and Buffalo Chicken salads.

    Subway Cheese Types In 2022 (Types, Best Ones + More)

    Subway Cheese: What is the Price?

    Subway offers cheese as an option in many items, including sandwiches or salads.

    Additional cheese portions may come at an extra charge, but this can vary by franchise.

    Past customers reported an average cost of adding cheese to their orders at $0.30. It may differ depending on where they live.

    But, Subway often promotes deals to add extras to your food for a lower cost.

    To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Subway has a seafood sub, if Subway has pizza, and if Subway has salads.

  • Conclusion
  • There are several cheese types at Subway that can be incorporated into a range of menu items.

    Fortunately, American Cheddar and Monterey Cheddar are readily available in almost all Subway locations.

    Subway restaurants also have Swiss and Provolone cheeses. However, these products are not always available in all stores.

    That said, your local Subway likely provides a menu either online or in-store displaying available cheese types.

    What Kind Of Cheese Does Subway Offer?

    Subway is a default supplier of processed cheddar cheese. These are cheese slices, normally approximately 60% cheese and 40% other ingredients. Another option is to use cheese slices made of Swiss cheese. These cheese slices can be identified by their holes. Subway could also use mozzarella. Apr 26, 2021

    Subway White Triangle: What Are You Talking About?

    The white triangular cheese, also known as American cheese, is a Depends. Provolone cheese forms the white half circle. Last but not least the white triangle shaped with holes is Swiss cheese. The majority of the cheese I see in my neighborhood subway is white.

    Which Subway Cheese Is Healthiest?

    Swiss cheese is the best option (only 50 calories, a mere 30mg sodium) but honey mustard, sweet onion sauce and yellow mustard can be added to Swiss.

    What Is The Most Popular Order At Subway?

    Subway America’s top-selling sandwiches are tuna and turkey. May 25, 2018,

    .Subway Cheese Types In 2022 (Types, Best Ones + More)

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