Does Target Have Senior Discounts

Does Target Have Senior Discounts In 2022? (Full Guide)

Target has established itself in the U.S. as one the biggest retail chains. They are well-known for their large range of products as well its low prices and great deals.

  • Target sells essentials for seniors, so it’s not surprising that Target does offer senior discount coupons. Here is what I’ve found out about this!
  • Does Target Have Senior Discounts In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Does Target Have Senior Discounts In 2022?

    Unfortunately, Target does not offer any senior discounts in-store, online, or on the Target app as of 2022. Target still offers many ways to save, like manufacturer coupons or signing up Target Circle rewards program, Target RedCard and Target Weekly Ads.

  • Read on to learn about other savings opportunities for seniors shopping at Target. Also, find out if they accept discounts from AARP.
  • Target has AARP Discounts

    Target, just like with senior discounts, does not offer any discounts to AARP, formerly the American Association for Retired Persons, in-store, online or through the Target app.

    Target has a variety of reward programs that are accessible to people of all ages. Target can help you save money.

  • Seniors May Use Manufacturer Coupons at Target
  • Target will accept any manufacturer coupon that is printed or located on the internet.

    To understand how Target accepts coupons, you can read Target’s coupon policy.

  • Target Circle Rewards Are Also Another Grear Way To Save
  • Target Circle rewards is a reward and loyalty program, which can be used together.

    This program allows Target customers to receive cashback for eligible Target purchases and offers on Target merchandise.

    You can also earn 1% for every eligible purchase you make in Target’s stores or online using a non-RedCard method of payment.

    You can redeem these offers by going to’s Circle section. Enter the codes during checkout for discounts.

  • This is a good tip for seniors who want to save money, even though it’s open to all Target customers.
  • Target Weekly Coupons Deliver Great Savings to All Customers, even Seniors
  • Target Weekly Ad features exclusive products deals and is available in all weekend papers, in Target App in row ‘Weekly Ad & Catalogs’ in the Discover tab or online at

  • may offer different deals and promotions than the Weekly Ad.
  • Target RedCard also offers additional savings
  • Target RedCards are credit cards that you can use in store at Target and online at offers several options for applying online.

    After you submit your application, the Target RedCard will be issued to you when it is approved.

    Target RedCard members get 5% discount on eligible purchases made in-store and online at Additionally, they receive free 2-day shipping for eligible orders.

    If they sign up for Target email, they will receive an additional coupon that gives them 10% off their next purchase.

    The cardholders also have 30 days for returns on items they purchased in-store and online. This applies even to items that have had their return periods extended.

    To learn more, you can see our other posts on whether or not Walmart has a senior discount, if Costco has a senior discount, and if Home Depot has a senior discount.

  • Conclusion
  • Target unfortunately does not offer Senior Discounts in-store, online, and on Target’s app. Target does however offer several reward schemes that will help you to save money while shopping.

    While Target’s student discount is restricted to pupils, anyone can sign up for Target Circle Rewards or use Target Weekly Ads. Target RedCards are also available to help you save up to 5%.

    .Does Target Have Senior Discounts In 2022? (Full Guide)

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