Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022

Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, Iphones + More)

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  • Nearly 70% of the globe owns a cellphone in 2022. And the technology continues to improve and allow for some truly amazing features!
  • Walmart stores are always stocked full of the latest mobile phones, and you’re probably wondering about Walmart’s return policy.

  • You’re in the right place! We have all the details about Walmart’s policy regarding cell phone returns!
  • Walmart Cell Phone Return Policy In 2022
  • Walmart offers a 14-day return policy for prepaid phones. All phones must return in original condition with receipt, packaging, and accessories. Postpaid cell phone contracts have a 30-day grace period for return.

  • For more information about Walmart’s return policy on cell phones for in-store and online purchases, please continue reading.
  • How to Return a Phone to Walmart
  • Prepaid phones have a 14 day return window. But, prepaid phone numbers, minutes, and pins cannot be returned.

    The return process for contract phones can be a bit more complex. The return period for a contract phone is 30 days. However, the phone must be in good condition and meet certain requirements.

  • It is important to have the original receipt in order to use both prepaid or postpaid mobile phones.
  • Original packaging
  • Accessories: Chargers, headphones, and protective screens
  • Perfect condition (no cracks, hardware damage, chipped parts, liquid damage)
  • If the phones do not include any of these items, Walmart won’t accept them for return. Walmart does allow some items to be returned without a receipt, but phones do not fall under that category.

    If your smartphone arrives in a different condition than you purchased it, the Walmart Protection Plan will be required to accept it.

    Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, iPhones + More)

    Can you return cell phones to Walmart within a reasonable time?

    Walmart’s policy regarding cell phone returns is quite strict. Walmart only gives 14 days from the delivery or purchase date for a return on a cell telephone.

    To receive a refund, Walmart asks that the cell phone is in its original, undamaged condition.

    The policies cover damage to your mobile phone and opening the box.

    Walmart allows you to return damaged cell phones

    Walmart does not allow cell phones to be returned if they have been damaged or used less frequently.

    Walmart Protection Plan customers can return their phones if they have water damage or cracked screens.

    Walmart will take back your order for a cellphone online if it becomes damaged or defective within 14 days.

    All online purchases of cell phones must be returned through the post. They cannot be returned in store.

    Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, iPhones + More)

    Walmart offers the ability to exchange opened phones.

    Walmart typically accepts returns on TVs and toys, but it is more difficult to do so for phones.

    If you return an unlocked, used or opened box phone, the only option is to exchange it for the exact (or similar) model.

  • Walmart has a list of “Exchange-Only Item” that includes used or opened cellphones.
  • Can You Return iPhones At Walmart?

    Walmart’s return policy applies to iPhones purchased at Walmart.

    Like other models of the iPhone, you should also bring along your Apple iPhone Box, adapter cable, and manuals.

    Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, iPhones + More)

    Can You Return Prepaid Cell Phones At Walmart?

    Walmart allows you to return both prepaid and contract smartphones, provided that the returns are made within 14 calendar days.

    However, the return policy for contract phones (also known as postpaid phones), prepaid phone cards, and SIM cards is different.

    One example is that contract phone contracts may contain restrictions which affect the process of returning the handset.

    Walmart also does not accept returns or refunds on SIM and Prepaid phone cards.

    Walmart allows you to return your cell phone without receipt

    Walmart offers a 90 day return policy for most items. Customers can bring their order in with or without receipt.

    However, if you return a cell phone at Walmart, you must have your receipt for a successful return or refund.

    Walmart will be able, if necessary to verify your purchase receipt.

    Walmart employees have the right not to allow you to return a purchase if it isn’t possible for them.

    Also bring valid ID (government-issued) to return your phone at Walmart.

    How can you return a cellphone to Walmart and get a full refund?

    Walmart automatically issues a credit once the return has been processed.

    Walmart offers a full refund on all orders.

    If you bought your phone using a credit or debit card, then you can choose to either restore the amount on your card or purchase a Walmart gift certificate.

    Walmart will cash-refund you for any payment made with a check if you purchased the cell phone.

    Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, iPhones + More)

    Walmart sells What Types of Cell Phones?

    Walmart sells various cell phones from the nation’s top brands. Walmart also sells refurbished and brand-new cell phones.

    Walmart has a number of brands that sell cell phones, such as:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Google
  • LG
  • Walmart’s return policy can be found in our other posts, including the Walmart iPad return program, Walmart Apple watch returning policy, and Walmart after-90 days policy.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart will accept cell phone returns up to 14 days after the date of original purchase, delivery or exchange. This applies regardless of whether the customer purchased the device online or in-store.

    Walmart must accept the return of your cellphone.

    Can I Return My Iphone Back To Walmart?

    You can return your prepaid or contract phone to Walmart as long as it is within 14 days from the purchase.

    How does Walmart handle returns on cell phones?

    Walmart accepts returns within 14 calendar days of your original order or delivery. Walmart will accept returns if you bring the original packaging and all accessories.

    How Much Will Walmart Give You For An Iphone?

    Walmart Discounts: Get up to $100 While Supplies Last $100 off iPhone: This is a price reduction (excluding tax) that can be used to finance a payment plan for the device. This offer is valid on purchases with an installment plan. There are no penalties for paying off early.

    What Is Walmart’S Return Policy On Apple Products?

    Customers have 30 days from purchase or delivery to return iPads bought from Walmart stores and Walmart’s online platform. Marketplace-sold iPads are returnable for a maximum of 15 days. Note that iPads must be returned with all original packaging and accessories.

    .Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, Iphones + More)

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