Top 10 Best Makeup Sponges

Top 10 Best Makeup sponges to Buy in 2020

The universe of make-up is always launching new products to facilitate the production of a flawless make. The new darling of professional and amateur, is the sponge for application databases and correctives. With many different shapes and materials, it is great to give a natural finish to the skin.

Super uncomplicated, the makeup sponges are allied perfect for day to day. Therefore, besides the famous Beauty Blender, brands like Oceane, Belliz and Real Techniques bet on that item and are in our ranking of the top 10 makeup sponges. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Makeup Sponge

The main item that you should observe when buying a makeup sponge is the format, after all it must be consistent with what you seek to produce a beautiful make. The material and size are also features that make all the difference. Understand more to follow.

Choose sponge Format for Application Practicality

The makeup sponges are developed in various formats, from the classic drops, until the triangular format and 360. They offer convenience and a natural finish, but some are ideal for use in small areas of the face, while others are more functional.

The teardrop shape is a favorite of many professionals and is considered the best for those who want to buy a makeup sponge for the first time. With it you can apply all products with practicality and achievement beautiful skin, with very natural finish.

The wide base and rounded is perfect for the base, because it facilitates the application in large areas of the face, while the fine tip is great for corrective and detailed finishes on the skin. It achieves small regions such as the corner of the eyes and the nose and the upper lip.

The chamfered drop differs from the original smooth and flat blade that is especially suitable to set the makeup. She’s great for applying illuminating the temples and for using the contour technique, which requires more precision to pass the products.

It also has a very fine tip, you can target specific corners of the face, such as around the eyes. Already the rounded base, identical to the traditional teardrop shape, is ideal for applying products all over the face and also ensures a natural finish for the day to day.

With the curvilinear shape, this model allows more control of application and coverage in each area of ​​the face. The tip is again good for rousing small regions, such as the corners of the eyes and nose, while the base can be used for a natural finish on large areas.

Already sponge curve area offers a matte finish on the time of application of the base, since the product accumulates in this part and comes into contact with the skin in greater quantity. Moreover, as they have this region more sunk in the middle, they are considered more comfortable to hold.

All makeup sponges types have the same size, except for the mini sponges. Found in drop sizes, 360 and triangular, they are great for corrective application in small areas such as the corner of the eyes and nose. How are small, they are not the best choice for application base.

Triangular sponges are usually super affordable and disposable, so are considered more hygienic and sold in large quantities. It’s nice to have a mini sponge in addition, since it is super practical to finalize the makeup, smudge and correct imperfections.

The flat pads, silicone, latex or polyurethane is ideal for use in liquid and cream products, in particular the base. Its format favors the application of makeup in large areas of the face, as spread by the complete product on the skin.

Although flattened, they may have different shapes: oval, drop, round or even square. Some models feature a thinner tip that facilitates the application of makeup in small areas of the face. The downside is that they are considered more difficult to handle and even uncomfortable.

Check the sponge Silicone for High Coverage, polyurethane and latex for Natural Effect

Top 10 Best Makeup Sponges To Buy In 2020

The makeup sponges are usually made of polyurethane or natural rubber, such as latex. These materials provide natural finish to make, since they tend to absorb some of the product at the time of application, so are great choices for day to day.

But those who have sensitive skin should keep an eye and avoid latex sponges, as this substance can cause irritation. To verify this information, read the description of the products. In addition to these traditional materials, there are also options in silicone, super famous in the world of makeup.

Silicone is hypoallergenic and does not absorb makeup, so it is the only material that has finished with matte effect and high coverage as well as being easy to clean. The downside is that it does not shine to the skin and may be less comfortable to hold and use.

Top 10 Best Makeup sponges

Check below the ranking that we have prepared with 10 great options makeup sponges. With models of various shapes and sizes, including product national and international brands for you to choose according to your need and makeup style that suits you.

Top 10 Best Makeup Sponges To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Makeup Sponges To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Makeup Sponges To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Makeup sponges

Top 10 Best Makeup Sponges To Buy In 2020

Sponge Makeup Mariana Saad Blend Flat

Sponge Makeup Belliz Make-Up 360

Sponge Beauty Blender Original Mini Makeup

Sponge Makeup Klasme Living Coral

Sponge Kiss New York 3D Makeup

Silicone Sponge Makeup Oceane – Silisponge Drop

Sponge Makeup Miracle Complexion

Sponge Makeup Make Silicone B

Sponge Mini Makeup

Sponge Makeup Designer Belliz

How to Clean Makeup Sponge

Sanitize your sponge frequently is important not only so that it lasts longer, but also to protect your skin. product residues and dead cells that are in the sponge contribute to bacterial growth, so let’s learn a simple way to clean your accessory:

1. Place a sponge in a half glass of water, with neutral detergent or soap liquid.

2 – Take the glass microwave for 1 minute so that the water is hot, but do not let it boil as it may spoil your accessory.

3 – Wait for the water to cool and squeeze your sponge gently to remove excess and makeup stains.

4 – Finish rinse with water.

Ready! You will notice that almost all the product will easily sponge. Do this procedure regularly, so that the stains do not be super hard to pull off.

Tal also invest in a Brush Set?

If in addition to the sponges you are looking for a complete kit of brushes to apply various products such as base, concealer, blush and shadow, check out our article. It offers great tips on how to choose a kit, so you’ll be prepared to make a beautiful look, either with a brush or sponge.

Now you know how to hit squarely in choosing a makeup sponge, is not it? In drop form, flattened, triangular and 360, the ideal sponge depends on the finish you seek. As the size and material are also super important not to miss the time of purchase.

The sponges are super practical for the application base, concealer and even dust, so they are a great investment for day to day. If your friend still does not know all these benefits and differences between the models, share our article and help her earn more practicality in the creation of makes.