Top 10 Best Laptops Cost-Benefit

Top 10 Best Laptops Cost-Benefit

Top 10 Best Laptops Cost-Benefit to Buy in 2020

How to find a notebook full of features and it does not cost all your savings? Notebooks with cost-effective are the darlings of the Brazilians, as they offer a great performance for the main tasks of everyday life and even games. But many still have doubts about finding the best models, so we are here to solve them!

Major brands of notebooks with cost-effective are Samsung, Lenovo and Dell. Each has models that are worth the investment, we joined several tips on how to choose them and also separate the best products of these and other brands. See below our top 10 with the best value for money to buy laptops online!

How to Choose the Best Notebook Cost-Effective

A notebook with great value for money has essential features for your everyday life and is sold at a fair price. In addition to the operating system, you must learn to differentiate the technical specifications that influence the final price of the notebook, as well as evaluating attributes of mobility.

Choose Operating System Right for Your Routine

There are three main operating systems present in notebooks from different categories: Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the wrong operating system can prevent you from performing their main daily tasks.

Top 10 Best Laptops Cost-Benefit To Buy In 2020

Installed on most laptops, Windows is the most versatile operating system. Suitable for those who enjoy playing the games main market or need to use the main programs to work. It is also made for those who need a system capable of extracting all the hardware’s potential notebook without difficulty, this is the most solid choice among the three systems.

Known as the operating system programmers – IT industry professionals able to create and develop applications – Linux is a powerful system in the right hands. However, its application library is not as extensive as that of Windows, and in the hands of novice users, the system can be quite complex and difficult to use. As an advantage, many notebooks with Linux are cheaper!

If you do not use Windows for decades or just mess with the phone, it’s likely that Chrome OS, Google, is a nicer system for you to use. Extremely simple and very few applications, Chrome OS fits like a glove for basic users or do not touch their daily notebook. This system is also used in cheaper notebooks.

Check the specifications that Enhance Experience of Use

Some specifications can be decisive when buying a notebook that offers many benefits, especially if they do not mean an additional cost. Next, you check the processor, storage and RAM influence the user experience of your future notebook.

Top 10 Best Laptops Cost-Benefit To Buy In 2020

Responsible for ensuring that things happen, processors are one of the most important items at the time whether the notebook is fast or slow. In short, the most interesting processors who will buy a notebook with cost-effective are the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7, which are already in its ninth generation. You can even consider the Intel Celeron processor for most basic uses.

But the ideal would be to start with an Intel Core i3, which realizes lightweight programs, despite the few nuclei. As for the i5 and i7 tend to do well when opening heavy applications and especially games. Only pay attention to the number of generation of these CPUs: search model numbers between 6000 and 9000 not to overpay in old processor!

Top 10 Best Laptops Cost-Benefit To Buy In 2020

You know when you want to open a program or simply start the computer and it takes a long time “thinking”? The most responsible for it is the conventional HD, which is slower than new storage technologies such as eMMC and SSD.

In low-cost notebooks, storage type eMMC tends to give greater sense of fluidity (even if the hardware as a whole is not as robust). Meanwhile, SSDs are indispensable in most notebooks completinhos, as they have the best file transfer rates, therefore, are very fast!

But, be careful, because these two types of storage space for saving files is much more limited! If you need more storage prefer models with conventional HD, it will be worth it for your usage style.

Top 10 Best Laptops Cost-Benefit To Buy In 2020

Do not save money on this part: cost-effective notebooks must have at least 4 GB of RAM. If you are the type of user that does multiple tasks at once, and do not want to feel any choking, make it a point to have 4 GB of RAM or even more than that.

You see, the more RAM your laptop has, the faster he can open programs and perform tasks. Similarly, a smaller RAM size, make it slow and time-consuming operation programs. Therefore, avoid problems and focus a suitable amount of RAM.

Note the depth of the Notebook Keys and Work with Comfort

Top 10 Best Laptops Cost-Benefit To Buy In 2020

notebook keyboards are dubbed “chiclet” and tend to offer very shallow keys. Still, there are variations among the major models and brands. The tip here is to choose a notebook that has deeper keys if you want greater precision, and a notebook with shallow keys if you want more comfort for your arms.

Another golden tip is to see if the notebook has numeric keypad on the right item that improves the experience of users who often work with calculation programs such as Excel. Also, see if the notebook is light on the keyboard, for easy typing in the dark. In addition to being able to identify all of this visually, check the description of the manufacturer on the keyboard.

VGA connection Besides the HDMI Could Save Your Presentation

Although the HDMI standard is present in most TVs and projectors recently launched, you can still come across a device that transmits only the VGA input. At such times, it is interesting to have the alternative of the VGA connection on the notebook, especially for those who will use the computer as a tool. Evaluate and connections prevents disorders in the future!

Also check the number of USB ports, two entries is the minimum to make use of versatility and can connect different devices. The entrance to the memory card is already a reference in all models, a differential is the Ethernet port, which enables faster cable connections, ideal for work in coworkings or at home!

Screen 14 “LCD anti-glare, are Great Place to Work

If you intend to use your computer to work with text files, images or spreadsheets, the larger the screen, the better. For those who work at home and do not need to carry the notebook so often, a screen with more than 15 “, it may be more advantageous.

However, if you are the type of user that comes with the daily notebook, the maximum screen 14 inches is ideal. If you plan to use the notebook for entertainment as access the internet, watch videos and do light gaming, among the models with even smaller screens you will find much more inexpensive options that will serve you very well.

The notebook screen technology also deserves attention. In this case, we recommend anti-reflective LCD screens, as they allow the user to enjoy the content to display the notebook in virtually any lighting condition. You use outside the home more quiet, keeping the optimal resolution!

Select Notebook Easy to Carry

If you think about buying a notebook easy to carry, it is important to pay attention not only on weight but also on the size and type of screen. Also, the battery life is crucial for some types of users.

This battery life is important for people who travel a lot and need extra time to safely use the notebook and tranquility, despite the device’s larger size. Some rugged notebooks have little battery life, they are made to use at home. So, be careful when deciding to purchase these models considering using outside!

It may seem that 2 kg is lightweight, but try to carry this weight in your backpack every day that soon you will realize that it was not a good choice! If you plan to take your laptop with you everywhere, prefer lighter models. So you avoid discomfort and even possible health problems.

Consider Choosing a Notebook 2 in 1

Laptops 2 in 1 is a combination of tablets and computers. As a differential the screen is touch-sensitive, so a number of different actions can be made. This type of notebook is perfect for those looking for a more advanced device than a mobile device, but do not want to give up the apps. Thus, beyond the conventional notebook you can also use the device as a tablet!

Also, there are 2 in 1 notebook with great value for money to be used at work. Who performs drawings and designs will love models with pens, giving excellent sensitivity and allow incredible creations. But make sure the versatility is really important to you, because it greatly affects the price of the notebook.

Check if Office Package is Included in the price of the apparatus

Before buying a notebook it is essential to check if it comes with Office Suite installed. Thus, you can use programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel without having to spend more to buy the license of these products. Many sites offer the option to include the office suite at an extra payment. If you use the computer to work, it may be worth!

Top 10 Best Laptops Cost-Benefit to Buy Online

Now that you have all these tips recorded in its memory, it’s time to choose the best laptop for use at work or leisure time. We separated the top 10 cost-effective notebooks available in stores in Brazil, so you make the best choice. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Cost-Effective Laptops

Ultrabook Inspiron 14 5000 i14-5480-M30S

Notebook Gamer Odyssey NP800G5M

Notebook Yoga 520 80YM0004BR

Notebook IdeaPad 330 81FE0001BR

Notebook C14 VJC141F11X-B1011L

Notebook Essentials E30

Notebook Aspire 3 A315-53-34Y4

Notebook Inspiron 15 3000 i15-3567-D15

Chromebook CB5-132T-C5MD

Choosing a notebook cost-effective is not an easy task, but it need not be impossible. We know that you can not have a perfect notebook without spending a fortune, but if you are the type of user who cares about speed, you can give up a larger storage space, to focus on a technology of SSDs, for example.

With our tips you will be able to surely find a notebook model with the most cost-effective. So, share this article to help others find the best notebook and also come back from time to time to stay with freshly baked information in memory!