Top 10 Best Potties

Top 10 Best potties to Buy in 2020

The desfralde is a milestone in the baby’s life. Out of diapers is quite a change! For this transition will not become a trauma, experts recommend child potty baby as first contact with this new world. They are tailor-made for small and therefore are attractive and safe. But, you may be indecisive and unsure how to choose the best children’s potty.

After all, it is worth investing in a musical potty? What is a portable chamber pot? How to know if the product is suitable? To solve all your questions, we have prepared a guide answering these and other questions. In the end, you can still check our ranking with the top 10 chamber pots on the market with brands with Fisher-Price, Burigotto, Multikids and others. Do not miss!

Why Opt for a Potty Children in Desfralde

Top 10 Best Potties To Buy In 2020

The desfralde is an important step in the development of the child. Make the diaper off needs is a novelty and so, therefore, the ideal is to create the most comfortable environment possible for your baby to feel comfortable in this transition. From 2 years old, who will determine the best way to do desfralde is the child, showing interest in the toilet.

But the adult bathroom may seem too big and intimidating. At this time, child potty goes into action with action, much more attractive colors and formats. The advantage of the pot is to be tailored to your baby, providing better balance and comfort. The child can use the potty with his feet on the ground, which makes it safer and it is important for a healthy bowel movement.

Infant potty also gives more autonomy to the child who can sit up easily and alone. In addition, a variety of chamber pots colorful, portable, musical, with lights and sounds in different formats or with preferred your baby characters. All to give that forcinha in desfralde, and turn the potty in the best friend of small! We know them?

How to Choose the Best Potty

We will now show the main factors you should consider when choosing a children’s potty for your baby. Some items are essential to make the use of child potty easier, hygienic and safe. Check out our article and learn all about this product so important in desfralde!

Prefer to potty Instead of Potty Classic

The classic shape of the pot is a round container made of ceramic, metal or plastic. Today, there are hardly any such models for children, only for mature audiences (the elderly). In potty “bowl” children can not sit, are the caregivers who need to be holding it on the potty.

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Prefer models potty, which have seating format and already accustomed to children in the style of an adult bathroom. This model educates the child is much more than just care with hygiene. The potty offers greater comfort and stability for children, who can also hold the sides of the seat, including handles made for this!

Check Size and Recommended Use the Potty

Top 10 Best Potties To Buy In 2020

Most children’s potties brings in its specifications weight or age indicated for use. Check the age and weight of your baby is compatible with the chosen product, to ensure that the pot has the appropriate size for your baby. So, you are sure the potty will not be too big or too small, offering more comfort and safety during use.

Also, do not forget to check the measurements of the pot and see if it will fit in your bathroom. After all, the ideal is that the baby use the potty always there to go adapting to the process and feel like going to the toilet, use the potty, clean the bottom, wash your hands. All this routine should be valued, so that it is not confused about what environment to your needs.

Prefer with Non-slip Base, which is More Stable and Secure

The safety of your baby is very important. Therefore, when choosing the best child potty, make sure the product has anti-slip material on the base. The slip may be only on foot or by lining the entire length of the base. Some do not have this feature, but if your baby still has little balance, it is important that the potty is stable to avoid accidents.

Another important aspect is the presence of a safety support, such as handles or dished where the child can handle. This provides more balance to the children, who can hold on to sit on the potty and not fall to the side, so also prefer with this safety feature.

Removable collector is more practical and hygienic

Wash a pot several times a day can become a tiresome task. Imagine having to wash all parts of the potty every time your baby use it. So, invest in a model with removable collector. So you just cut the party receiving the waste (to be dropped directly into the toilet), wash and fit again. Much easier, hygienic and fast!

Consider models with Differentiated Attributes

There are some models that have attributes special, suitable to educate and monitor their child at different stages of life or situations. Models 3 in 1 monitor developments in the use of the bathroom, because musicals are more playful and stimulate the use of the potty. Urinals are suitable for boys and portable potties for those who travel a lot. Check out!

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The pot will probably have a short period of use in your home. This is because the natural tendency is that small evolve to use the toilet, after getting used to pee and poop in the potty. To avoid further costs and ensure that your investment in a child potty good will last, consider the 3 in 1 models.

In addition to the original function of a chamber pot, they turn into seat reducer and stool to support the feet, continuing to be useful when your baby goes the next step in desfralde. So in addition to getting a versatile and economical product, you ensure more comfort for your baby at all stages of the process.

It is very common that the child resists the beginning of desfralde. If this happens to your little one, it is important to keep in mind that it is necessary to respect the time for him to take the diapers does not turn into a trauma. Each child has its time, and the process will happen smoothly when it’s ready.

Often a musical potty with effects of lights and sounds, can make the baby’s sympathy and overcome gradually this resistance. There are many models on the market with these functions, some to congratulate the baby when he uses the potty. Consider this possibility if your small fan is the skirt steak!

Top 10 Best Potties To Buy In 2020

For those who travel a lot with small, portable potty is great. Removable and compact, easily fit in the bag and are made so that you can fix a plastic bag inside the seat. Thus, after the baby do your needs, simply remove and discard the bag in place. Practical, right?

Top 10 Best potties to Buy Online

We now know the top ten children’s potties available. They were analyzed in its most important aspects, such as size, non-slip base, ease of cleaning and differentiated attributes. Analyze with us each and choose the best potty according to the profile of your baby and your needs!

Top 10 Best Potties To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Potties To Buy In 2020

Comparison Leaderboard potties

Potty Toilette Fun

Potty Children’s Privacy

Flex Ergonomic Potty potty

Infant potty Farm

Troninho Infantil Learn Style

Musical potty Bear

PANIC Children’s Notebook

Pipinela chicken Pintadinha

Consider Urinal for Boys Seniors

At the beginning of desfralde, it is interesting that the baby learn to pee sitting on the potty. This is because often pee and poo can come together, and at first the child is not able to identify which one is coming. Thus, it is best for your child that he learns to do the pee and poop sitting. He can concentrate on the process of using the potty, without bothering to hit the shot.

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When the child is already familiar with the potty, you can begin to teach to use the public bathroom. A very friendly option are popularly called wall of chamber pots or child urinals. Usually in fun shapes, come with suction cups for fixing the tile. It’s a great place to learn how to pee standing up, in a more fun way!

Now that you know what are the most important features when choosing a pot for your baby, you can buy much more security! In this article, as well as a comprehensive guide to not err in choosing, you gave our ranking with the top ten potties market. It has provided musical potties, portable and even simple models of characters.

Choose your favorite, always considering aspects of your baby, use style to be done and the presence of attributes that can influence the time to use the potty child and educate the child to use the bathroom. If you know of Mom, Dad or other caregiver who is looking for the best potty, share this article!

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