Ping G425 Lst Driver Review

Ping G425 Lst Driver Review

ping g425 lst driver review


It lives up to its name, the PING G425LST driver. The G425 LST driver and G425 Max had a decrease of 200 RPM. You may experience a different mileage, so be sure to get in good shape before purchasing.

I find PING’s LST drivers to be very stable and forgiving despite their lower spin rate. The G425 LST requires a small amount of forgiveness. However, you do not need to have a handicap. The ball didn’t fly from the earth even though I was hitting shots with my heel. The G425 LST is reminiscent of its predecessor and has an amazing forgiveness-to-looks ratio.

The G425 LST driver boasts the same substantial adjustability as the G425 Max. You can adjust loft up to 1.5 degrees. Don’t forget about the Flat position. It is essential for all those who are skilled at pulling their tee shots. There is also a weight in the back with three positions – Fade, Neutral, or Draw. While the LST is less than the Max (17 gram vs. 26, grams), the impact was still quite significant.

Also like the G425 Max, PING offers a great array of stock shafts in the G425 LST driver. The three models that PING Tour offers are the Alta Distanza and ALTA CB55Slate. For the player that wants a hot aftermarket shaft in their driver, PING also offers the Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI [review HERE ] and Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Orange in 55 and 65 gram weights.

ping g425 lst driver review

The Test

Ping let me go in October so I could get fitted for the right shaft length. While I couldn’t hit the G425 as it was classified back then, I did try the G410 heads. However, I decided that the LST 9 Degree was my best choice. It also came with the Ping Tour 65 shaft. Therefore, the G425 Driver was an LST model. With the identical shaft it gave me the club most suited to my needs so I could truly evaluate.

Comparing the driver to the G410 LST in LSH Auto, Mercedes Benz Stockport and using Trackman 4 with Titleist Pro V1x ball I found that it was a lot more consistent than the G410 LST. Reddish Vale Golf Club hosted me to play a couple of rounds and to decide if the driver was good enough to be considered for my bag.

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ping g425 lst driver review

Important Disclaimer

Our research has proven that speed swingers who are good at hitting the ball well with spin-drivers will have the best results.

But, you should remember that positive angle golfers naturally have higher spin rates. So, to truly know whether you need a low spin head, you’ll need to get professionally fitted by a club fitter. For you to decide if the Ping G425LST drivers will benefit your needs, you’ll have to determine what your spin rates and launch angles are.

Does that make any sense? I’m going to say it again.

Without a clear idea of your current spin, it is difficult to determine if you will need a low spin driver. You can do this by finding a club fitter in your local area that is highly rated among the golfers.

Ok, now we are ready for the Ping G425 LST Driver Overall Performance & Appearance Ping’s drivers are top notch. The G400 and G410 series have been absolutely stunning all around drivers, and the G425 series is no different. They are almost identical, and you will save money if you choose the older model.

Ping G425 LST Driver looks the same as the other models at address but is slightly smaller. LST’s head is 445cc, while SFT and MAX have 460cc. Low-spin driverheads are often a bit smaller than the others.

I think the club head looks bigger because of the popular dragon-fly design that is on the all-black crown. This is great to feel extra forgiveness while you’re standing above the ball at the tee.

ping g425 lst driver review

Golf Insider Verdict – Ping G425 Driver Review

In this review, I could talk for hours about how great the new Ping G425 drivers are. In fact, however, the verdict of this review is simple. This driver is a great value for money, with excellent performance and fitting options.

Ping G425 Max is a great driver that offers exceptional distance and forgiveness. For those who have trouble with the slice, the SFT driver is a great option. The Ping G425LST delivers excellent performance and helps reduce backspin.

If you’re looking for an upgrade next time, the Ping G425 drivers might be worth a look.

Check Price Pingg425 SFT Check price Pingg425 LST

ping g425 lst driver review

What You Need To Know

Ping G425 are the latest addition to its G-series. In 2016, the Ping G driver started it all. Ping has continued to improve their club’s performance every year since 2016, when they hired the Ping G driver. It offers power, distance, but also a lot of forgiveness.

We all need forgiveness on a long par five with the ‘big stick’ in our hand. This is a known fact.

There will be a couple of things you’ll notice that’s a little bit different this year in the drivers. Notice that I didn’t say “a lot different”. Ping has shown a fair amount of restraint and held back against the golf industry’s tendency to add as many buzzwords and gimmicks as it can.

Let us suppose you have ever played with Ping Drivers in any way over the last five year. These drivers will be familiar to you, with some minor changes that could make them a strong favorite during the coming golf season.

I’m going to begin with the Ping G425 MAX , which promises to be one of Ping’s best all-around drivers. We’ll then move on to more detailed LST and FFT drivers.

Let’s go… G425Max Driver Review The Ping G425, the basic “vanilla”, version of this three driver series.

It’s not true. The club’s name, ‘Vanilla”, doesn’t do it justice. It is packed with features that all combine to make up a great whole…

ping g425 lst driver review


Wearables, Shoes and Accessories – Fairways Hybrids Drivers WiTB Gears G425 Drivers PING PINGG425 LST G425 Drivers PING PINGg425 Drivers Review. The G425 Driver Line-up is dependable yet brilliant.

What does this actually mean?

A lot of people assume that PING will not release new drivers when they do.

PING’s goal is to produce the most talented drivers possible and is not about reinventing the wheel.

* PINGG425 drivers- FIRST LOOK

G425 is the latest addition to the G410 and G400 families. The brand will continue to stick with its proven engineering principles by effectively building on the same innovative designs and technologies that won them such widespread acclaim.

The standout piece of tech this time around is undoubtedly the new CG shifter. The massive, mobile tungsten weight is placed to the rear end of the club’s sole. This results in an identical low-and-back CG (centre gravity).

Is the Ping G425 really forgiving?

Like its predecessor, the G425 LST has a spectacular forgiveness to looks ratio. The G425 LST driver boasts the same substantial adjustability as the G425 Max. May 3, 2021

Is the Ping G425-Driver Worth It?

Yes. It delivers. Comparing the G425 Max with my G410 Plus I noticed a clear difference. Mishits with the G425 Max driver were consistently a little faster with more robust launch and spin numbers.Feb 22, 2021

Can Ping Driver G425 be used by high handicappers?

How do you choose the most forgiving golf drivers? The Ping G425Max is the best choice if you are looking for the most accommodating driver in the line-up. It is best suited for off-center strikes.

What does “Lst” mean for ping driver?

G425 (Low Spin Technology), This model was designed for advanced or skilled golfers who want to decrease spin due to how hard they hit their ball.

.Ping G425 Lst Driver Review

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