Purple Harmony Pillow Review

Purple Harmony Pillow Review

purple harmony pillow review

Materials And Options

An initial step to evaluating a pillow includes reviewing its construction including the fill, size, cover and loft.

Purple Harmony Pillow comes in two sizes. Standard and Tall models are approximately 6.5 inches in height, respectively. They are both the same in length and width, measuring 26 inches x 17 inches. These dimensions are similar to standard pillows, but slightly smaller than those of most standard pillows (26 inch x 20”).

Purple Harmony Pillow’s construction and loft are a stark contrast to other pillows.

Loft Interior Material Cover Options Loft Product Sizes

The Purple Plush Pillow One size: 24″ x 16″ 7″ Interlocking Polyester Fiber Puff Balls Lyocell, Nylon

The Kid Purple Pillow One size: 18″ x 13″ 3.25″ Purple Grid (Hyper-Elastic Polymer) Polyester, Spandex, Nylon

purple harmony pillow review

What is your sleeping style? How do you lose weight?

When choosing the perfect pillow, you should consider your sleeping position and weight. You need a pillow that fits your body. By reviewing the way you sleep, you can assess any pillow including the Purple Harmony Pillow to determine whether it is the right pillow for you.

People who sleep on their side need a pillow with a height that is roughly equal to the distance between their shoulder and head. An excessively short pillow can cause the neck and neck to bend inward; a taller pillow will lift the neck. The mattress firmness, weight and depth of the sleeper’s shoulder can all affect the level of pillow loft needed. The Purple Harmony Pillow is a solid fit for side sleepers because of its durable height and the Purple Grid’s ability to cradle and support the head and neck. The Standard, 6.5 inch model is the best for side sleepers. But, taller people or those with wider shoulders and larger frame should choose the Tall model.

You should ensure that you don’t tilt your head up or down when sleeping on your back. Overstretch your neck and create strain. Back sleepers prefer medium-loft pillows that are firm enough to prevent sagging, but flexible enough to adjust to their neck and head. Purple Harmony Pillow meets all requirements, and it is considered a top-quality option for back sleepers. While the latex core provides stability, the Purple Grid gives just enough support to the neck. In general, back sleepers should opt for the Standard, 6.5-inch model because the Tall model has too much loft for most back sleepers.

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Stomach sleeping may be the most popular, but it can also pose a risk for your spine alignment. Tall pillows can create an acute neck angle by forcing the head to bend far backward. To make matters worse, a person may also turn their head towards the side to increase this bend. A pillow with lower loft and less firmness is a good option to avoid this issue. The head can settle in a neutral position, which allows for a better alignment of the spine and neck. These two versions of Purple Harmony Pillow may not be suitable for stomach sleepers. The higher the distance between the pillow’s head and the stomach, the more they sink into the mattress.

Purple Harmony Pillow

Below 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. 130-230 lb.

Side Sleepers Excellent Excellent Good

purple harmony pillow review


– There is only one level for firmness

Mesh cover “pulls” easily

While the Purple Harmony Pillow does not meet all of the criteria for a luxury sleeping pillow with its mesh interior and outer cover, it is expensive enough that it deserves our highest recommendation. Since the Purple Harmony pillow is getting rave reviews, we decided it was worth putting through our paces.

We’ve spent 30 days sleeping on the Harmony and now we can share our thoughts about whether it performs as well as its price. Purple is a well-respected sleep product maker, with a history that includes top-rated mattresses and cooler sleeping environments. We are optimistic about the Harmony.

This review will look at the Purple Harmony Pillow’s features, cost and feel, along with what not to like. We hope you find the information you are looking for.

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purple harmony pillow review

Do Natural Latex Allergies Exist?

The insane manufacturing process of Talalay Latex doesn’t cause any flare-ups, no matter how bizarre it may seem. Talalay latex is not suitable for natural rubber allergy sufferers as it contains proteins. The washing process eliminates most of these substances. This material is not suitable for bed bugs and common allergens such as dust mites. Despite these findings, it’s still recommended to consult your doctor and do further research to see if talalay latex is an option for you.

The Purple Plush Pillow has been reviewed in the past. It was a pillow that I found to be very foreign. Being that they’re known for engineering a really specific item, this time around it makes sense that their new pillow acknowledges that to some degree. While it is not essential in this business, I believe it helps to have an Association. This gives people more confidence in Purple and makes it seem like they have the ability to provide consistency with comfort. The Harmony Pillow predecessor, the Plush Pillow was interesting. However it seemed odd. It was strangely out of place. This pillow was unique, but it had nothing to do with Purple, thought I. That pillow just wasn’t what Purple was about. Although my expectations may have been too high, I think it’s still a good thing that a company has to exceed their own standards. This can make it unbearable to focus on winning against the competition. Perhaps there is less pressure to beat your own milestones, but it could also be the opposite. Regardless, IMHO the predecessor failed to deliver. Is its design too strange? It seemed like the only pillow type, but it left me unsatisfied. Something was missing.

Harmony Pillow, in comparison to the other pillows on the market, is an upgrade. It is more simple but still offers more. It can’t be customized, thank God. You can find customizing pillows exhausting. It’s also where talent is needed. You have to perfect the formula when you are in a solid, fixed-state state. Although perfect is not possible, this pillow shows that it does exist.

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It’s a great addition to the line. Man, it’s soft. Man, it’s bouncy. It’s honestly JUST RIGHT. The translucent covering that the pillow is in was found once I removed the pillowcase. There you could see everything the Harmony Pillow was made of. You can see the latex as well as all the punctures to ensure that it is breathable. It is amazing to think that the size of the punctures in latex pillows can make a difference. You can see how complex this all is.

It felt deceptive. Initially, I wasn’t sure if it made me a fool or if it just meant they were clever but this pillow isn’t the Original Purple Pillow. The pillowcase had to be different. Application (which is the time when you are testing it) was where the pillowcase really shined. The calculated use of their purple grid provides an interesting texture this brand is known for. The typical feeling of latex pillows and foam is familiar to anyone who has ever laid their weary heads on them. In texture, it’s flat, smooth, boring. Although it may not seem like a huge deal, if your yawnfest is severe, how likely are you to want five pillows with different textures? You won’t. Because you cannot imagine what the Harmony Pillow feels like, you won’t be able to predict its outcome. It is subtle, and it intrigues curiosity.

It works well with the grid pillowcase as well as the latex inside. YouTube reviewer says that you can use any pillow with the grid pillowcase, but you have to take them apart. What makes this pillow work so well is the way these two components interact. Purple would not have intended them to be sold separately. She missed the point. Although my expectations are high for the brand, I don’t think so. Who doesn’t love beautiful things? Purple is a beautiful color.

.Purple Harmony Pillow Review

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