Top 10 Best Horror Games For Ps4

Top 10 Best Horror Games for PS4 to Buy in 2020

Who is a fan of the horror genre known as the feeling of butterflies in the stomach can be pleasurable. When this passion is linked to the world of games which are not lacking options terrifying games such as the classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill. But you know how to choose a good horror game for PS4?

The theme of the game and the type of camera are some important points. To help you in choosing, we explain what you need to know before buying a horror game, which features guarantee more success and still put together a ranking of the 10 best horror games for the PS4 market. Check below!

How to Choose the Best Horror Game for PS4

Who is gaming fan of horror knows that there are a variety of titles to choose from, especially in the PS4. Find the game that best suits your style, however, can be challenging. To help you, we’ve gathered some tips. See below!

Zombies to Supernatural Appearances: What Tema Matches Your Style?

The theme of a horror game always brings a common goal: to survive a threat, whether human or not. However, knowing the plot of the story increases your chances of getting involved with the game and ensures more hours of fun. So, we list the main themes of horror games.

These are only some of the major themes that give life to a survival horror game. Other issues involve less explored psychological plots, playful worlds, premonitions and so on. So before you choose your game worth thinking about their favorite subjects.

The camera type will influence Totally Your Gameplay

The type of camera game totally influence your experience. The most common settings are two: in first or third person. The games in first person (FPS), which you can not see the character, are more immersive and the player has the feeling that you are in the scene.

Already in the third person (TPS), you can see the full-length character and the field of view becomes wider. This type of camera allows greater perception of the environment in which the character is inserted, allowing identify more easily obstacles and enemies from a distance.

Play Accompanied want? Then take a Look at Multiplayer Role

Top 10 Best Horror Games For Ps4 To Buy In 2020

In a multiplayer game there are two ways to play. In co-op, where players need to work as a team to win or versus mode, when one plays against another. The game can also be online or offline.

In the PS4, you can play with people around the world and test your skills. For this, you must have a connection to the internet and, in most cases, a paid on the PlayStation Plus.

Keep an eye! Some games are exclusively online and multiplayer. This means that even paying for the media, you can only play if you are connected to the internet and be a subscriber Playstation.

Check the Game Account with subtitles or dubbing in Portuguese

Understand the plot of the story is essential to enhance the sense of fear and know what should be your next steps in a game. Most games come with subtitles in Portuguese and some of them can be dubbed.

However, before you buy your game of terror, it is important to look at the language adopted. Some of them can not rely on a version in Portuguese and you run the risk of losing some important information.

Will Give One Person Minor Age? Check The Rating System!

Top 10 Best Horror Games For Ps4 To Buy In 2020

Just as movies, games also have a parental rating. Therefore, at the time of giving a person under age, it is essential to keep an eye in the age range of the game. Some issues can be quite heavy and present sexual content, sacrifices, mutilation and other proposals.

The tip also applies when the game is for you! People more sensitive can choose games with a lighter approach, even when carrying a certain amount of terror in its history. Much of the horror games are for groups with more than 16 years.

Top 10 Best Horror Games for PS4

Now that you know what to evaluate when choosing a scary game, how about give a ranking of the 10 best horror games for PS4? They are considered the best in this category and has caused nightmares in many people out there. Come and see!

Top 10 Best Horror Games For Ps4 To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Horror Games For Ps4 To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Horror Games For Ps4 To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Horror Games for PS4




The Last of Us – Remasterizado

Resident Evil 2 – Remake

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Resident Evil 7 – Biohazard

Extra Tips: How to Get the Most Their Terror Games

So far you have checked several tips on choosing the best horror game for PS4 and our selection of games that have gained prominence in this category. But the tips do not end up here. See how you can optimize your experience and enjoy the best of horror games.

Use Headphones to increase the feeling of immersion

A horror game should cause a feeling of tension, fear, horror and anticipation. All these feelings collaborate with the player’s experience and dictate the level of fear that a story is able to transmit. Most developers are concerned with making a good sound of the game to enhance the feeling of horror.

So an excellent way to enhance your experience and enjoy all the audio work of a game is to invest in high-performance headphones. Want an extra tip? Check out a top 10 with the best headsets for PS4!

Keep an Eye on File Size to not run out of space

Every game, whether physical or digital, occupies a space in HD PS4. This means that, depending on the console storage capacity, you can be on hand when purchasing a new game.

Islands with only 500 GB of storage do not include the installation of many games simultaneously. As games are getting bigger is interesting choose consoles with larger memory and take a look at the file size before you install the game on your device.

You can uninstall a game whenever you want to free up space. Your progress is saved in memory, so do not worry about losing game data. Another alternative is to replace the HD PS4, extending the memory up to 2 TB. Look for a trusted professional if you choose this, combined?

Choose a horror game for PS4 is a task that requires a little time. You need to ensure that all game elements are aligned with their preferences. This makes it easier to ensure many hours of fun.

Enjoy the tips of our ranking to know the most acclaimed games in this category. Remember to always check the game mode, the camera and no translation into Portuguese. All this will help you make the right choice!